• GP Food Banks

    We encourage GP surgeries to facilitate their own patient food bank by offering set up food bank packs to surgeries. The packs include a box complete with provisions, guidance and templates

    Contact for further details: Gail Sutcliffe
    Contact phone number: 0161 371 6165

    Cost: Free

    Professional Referral: No
    Self Referral: Yes
    Accessible for disabled people: Yes
    Accessible for people with language needs: Yes

    About the host organisation

    Hosted by: Homeless Friendly
    Organisation Profile:

    Homeless Friendly aims to ensure that services are accessible and supportive to people who find themselves homeless, whatever the service or organisation provides and for this to be offered in a respectful and dignified manner.
    We ask for a pledge to be signed and a "we are homeless friendly sticker" to be displayed in a prominent position so that the homeless person knows that this establishment will be approachable and a friendly place to ask for help, assistance or support.
    We believe that people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness have the right to receive the assistance and support which is rightfully theirs.
    We work across Greater Manchester.

    Charity Number: 1182814