What is Ideas Shop?

Published date: 
Thursday, 10th October 2019

Ideas Shops

What is Ideas Shops?

Space to develop a new public service relationship with citizens

Creative places where the system and people meet, make and take action

A mechanism for power sharing approaches between system and community priorities


  • Funded by GMHSCP, Person and Community Centred Approaches programme
  • Initiated by PCCA Rochdale Steering Group
  • Led by Action Together working with ‘Collaborators’ including 10 Public Sector Leads, 13 Community Experts (residents and VCFSE orgs) 7 Frontline Leads and 12 Creatives
  • Critical reflections provided by Salford University, Ideas Alliance and Macc


  • Workshops in coproduction, community value and creative engagement for all collaborators
  • Money, time and resources for each collaborator group
  • Series of ‘Ideas Shops’ community engagement events
  • Supercharged small BIG ideas and storytelling

What are the collaborators working on?

Big ideas such as ‘Bravery’ ‘Blurring Boundaries’ and ‘Compassion’ and specific ideas such as community ownership and connection to a new building, making ‘blue Monday’ in January a positive day and winter friendship. To find out more about turning 6 ideas into Action, click here.

There are a fab mix of people involved as collaborators with varied and interesting skills such as admin and management, creative and crafty and more unusual ones including tractor driving, saxophone playing and putting up tents!  We hope the groups incorporate their skills (unusual ones included!) and the personal qualities they have identified including reliability, being a good listener, enthusiasm and kindness to make their ideas happen!

To find out more information or if you are interested in the Ideas Shop please contact Kerry Bertram at kerry.bertram@actiontogether.org.uk