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Wednesday, 12th January 2022

Become a Warrior not a Worrier, encouraging women centred around wellbeing practice.

So often we fail to look after ourselves or come out fighting when we need to find peace. Join Inspire Women & Peaceful Minds in a safe women-only space where you will have the opportunity to be heard, share and explore positive ways of bringing daily wellness practice into your life. It's a very positive way to start your new year, and we can guarantee you will be in a kind space with great company.

My Body and Me- What you can expect!

This session focuses on different approaches you can use to help with mental stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Sally and Marie will share practice that has helped them both overcome mental health issues in their life with a sprinkling of fun!

Welcome-Skina, Sally and Marie Intro into what a warrior woman looks like (as opposed to a worrier)

Find calmness within rather than go to war with ourselves and others Welcoming the Wild Warrior within – gentle movement.

Discovering our Warrior Armour -Losing our Worrier Armour

Warriors train and practice every day - what can we do at home to help develop positive practice- introduction to some great ideas! Triggers vs Do the next right thing.

Calming our Warrior Mind - breath work and meditation

Contribution to Women's Research, Feedback and what next?

When: Wednesday 19 January, 1pm - 2:30pm

For more informatio, please email or call Skina at Peaceful Minds on 07794 159547