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People all across Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside give their time freely to help others and make their communities a better place. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, that support is needed even more, and lots of people want to find ways they can help. You can register for formal volunteering on this page.

There are a number of ways you can help as an individual:


You do not need to register with Action Together if you are interested in local community volunteering, such as shopping for a neighbour.

Visit our Mutual Aid page for advice and information on setting up and volunteering for a mutual aid group: https://www.actiontogether.org.uk/mutual-aid

You can also help local charities to help others by making a donation. Action Together is raising money for the emergency community response to coronavirus. Make a donation at https://www.actiontogether.org.uk/donate


We are working with local councils, local charities, voluntary and community groups planning ahead for the needs of communities over the coming weeks and months.

We encourage you to register your interest in the form below and as the need for more volunteers grows we will be in touch with you to match you with an opportunity to help.

If you are a group looking for volunteers, information or advice please visit our coronavirus page: https://www.actiontogether.org.uk/covid-19

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently under increased demand for voluntary services and will contact you as soon as we have an appropriate volunteering opportunity available. You do not need to contact us for updates as we will contact you. You do not need to register if you are interested in local community volunteering/mutual aid (eg shopping for a neighbour).

For non-Coronavirus response volunteering opportunities:

Please search volunteer opportunities below. Alternatively telephone us on 0161 339 2345 for a chat and to make a confidential, informal appointment with one of our advisors.

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Hosted by: The Wooden Canal Boat Society
We have a space in our charity shop dedicated to ebay sales. The packaging is kept on shelves which get untidy on a regular basis. It would be really helpful if we had someone to visit one...
Area: Tameside

Hosted by: The Wooden Canal Boat Society
The aim is to make money for The Wooden Canal Boat Society which is a registered charity. We maintain and restore historic canal boats and put them to use for the benefit of the community. Our...
Area: Tameside

Hosted by: Canal & River Trust
Littleborough towpath taskforce is the volunteer group working on the Rochdale Canal in Littleborough. The group maintain the stretch of the canal making the waterside a more attractive place for...
Area: Rochdale

Hosted by: The Wooden Canal Boat Society
To raise funds for the Wooden Canal Boat Society. We have six historic narrowboats and three are put to use in the community. We provide well-being trips for a wide range of people, including those...
Area: Tameside

Hosted by: The Wooden Canal Boat Society
As a charity shop van driver you would deliver purchased items to customers. You would also collect items that have been donated.
Area: Tameside

Hosted by: The Wooden Canal Boat Society
To collect items to sell in our charity shop. We travel by narrowboats to a housing estate (takes about an hour) where we call on residents who donate items. We then return to Ashton by narrowboat...
Area: Tameside