Various Volunteer Roles within Oldham Unity

Oldham Unity is a community group that provides money, toiletries, advice and social activity to destitute asylum seekers who have no recourse to public funds and are not allowed to work. We operate once a week from Oldham Baptist Church with support from the Red Cross and we have good relationships with Oldham Council and local groups. In normal times we would see up to 40 people each week; at present we see over 30 people and the numbers are increasing. As well as giving a set amount of money to buy food, we provide a welcoming environment with drinks and biscuits and the opportunity to stay and play games or chat. We are currently offering a reduced service and hope eventually to go back to offering a meal, second hand clothes and small household items and a crèche and to welcome asylum seekers who are not destitute. At present volunteers attend on a rota basis which works out at about 2 or 3 times per month. We need more volunteers to deliver these services.
When can volunteers volunteer? Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly

This grid shows when you can volunteer for this organisation. E.G Monday morning.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Tasks the volunteer will be required to do:

Volunteers are invited to take a number of roles:
setting up and clearing away,
handing out and checking the money,
offering drinks and biscuits,
playing games or chatting with people,
helping with enquiries, filling in forms, etc.
Most volunteers experience all these roles although if there is a preference this can be accommodated. We are a community group with officers. The committee that consists of all volunteers meets every other month. There is an opportunity for volunteers to take up the officer roles if they wish to.

Requirements: Willing to travel by public transport or find own way to volunteering location
Areas of Interest: Crisis Support, Foodbanks, Health and wellbeing, Homeless, Immigrants, Justice, Poverty, Refugees, Social care
What activities will the volunteer do? Administration, Befriending, Food banks, Providing advice, Reception
DBS Check Required: No

About the host organisation

Hosted by: Oldham Unity
Organisation Profile: Oldham Unity is a community group which has been running since 2002, normally providing food, money, advice and social activity to destitute asylum seekers who have no recourse to public funds. It is run by unpaid local volunteers and supported by local faith groups and other individuals and groups. Before the pandemic, Oldham Unity operated weekly from Oldham Baptist Church with support from the Red Cross, and helped up to 40 people a week. For the past 16 months, we have mostly been providing cash, at a safe distance, but are planning to resume a base in the autumn.