Peer Support Volunteers

If you have had a baby in neonatal care and are interested in joining our peer support volunteer team in Manchester we would love to hear from you. We do ask that your baby has been discharged from neonatal care for at least one year on application. This gives you time to enjoy your baby and allows you space to reflect on your own journey. We ask you to commit to two hours a week on the neonatal unit. Further information can be found at with a role description and application form.
Start date: 25th January 2022
End date: 25th June 2022
When can volunteers volunteer? Weekly

This grid shows when you can volunteer for this organisation. E.G Monday morning.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Tasks the volunteer will be required to do:

1. Meet with parents and families on the neonatal units to build relationships and provide
support, actively listen with understanding and empathy
2. Collate and grow knowledge of relevant support services available
3. Understand when it is appropriate to signpost peers to Spoons resources and other
relevant support services
4. Ensure neonatal units have the appropriate Spoons resources to be provided to families
when needed i.e. Welcome Packs, Sibling Packs, Going Home Packs, First Bath Packs etc.
5. Promote Spoons community groups and online support network to ensure parents have
access to support following neonatal care
6. Build and maintain positive relationships with healthcare professionals, support them in
improving services for families on the neonatal units
7. Work in partnership with Spoons volunteers on other units to share ideas and knowledge
8. Attend personal peer volunteer support sessions twice a year as a minimum
9. Meet with Peer Support Coordinator on an arrange basis to update on activity and confirm
provide any administration requirements

Areas of Interest: Children, Families, Health and wellbeing, Hospitals
What activities will the volunteer do? Befriending, Support Work
DBS Check Required: Yes

About the host organisation

Hosted by: Spoons Charity