Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer Leaders

Do you want to make a difference to the lives of young people? Volunteering for Scouting gives you the chance to try different activities, visit new places and learn and share new skills. Adults in scouting have many supporting roles, some roles are from 1 to 2 hours every 2 months and other roles can be many more depending on how much time you wish to give. There is a huge variety of roles to help run the Scout group, as a trustee on the management team or a chairperson, treasurer, secretary, helping out fund raising, or maintenance of the Scout HQ or equipment. SAS Scout Active Support is a group of Adults or Leaders who cannot commit to a regular commitment to Scouts so help out now and again at Scout Groups, competitions and the recruitment events with the Public Relations and Trailer Team Service. You would make new friends, interact with others, gain confidence, have fun and there is some training involved. Make new friends, interact with others, gain confidence, have fun - get involved with the Scouts!
Duration: Ongoing
When can volunteers volunteer? Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly

This grid shows when you can volunteer for this organisation. E.G Monday morning.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Tasks the volunteer will be required to do:

Adults and Leaders in Scouting usually help out each week at Scout groups helping to do activities, games and training. Adult Supporters also help out now and again in SAS (Scout Active Support) in Scout Groups, or in PRaTTS (Public Relations and Trailer Team Service) recuriting Scouts and adult volunteers at various events in the Scouts trailer.
Leaders in Scouting have many age ranges of boys and girls to work with:
Beavers: aged 6 to 8 years
Cubs: aged 8 to 10.5 years
Scouts: aged 10.5 to 14 years
Explorers: aged 14 to 18 years
Networks: aged 18 to 25 years.
There are many vacancies at many Scout Groups
Key Adult Supporters : GC group chairperson, GT group treas, GS group sec, BPT beaver parent trustee, CPT Cub, SPT Scout, EPT Explorer.
Key Leaders ;- GSL group Scout leader, AGSL assistant, BSL beaver scout leader, ABSL assistant, BSA beaver section assistant, CSL cub scout Leader, ACSL, CSA Cub section assistant, SL scout leader, ASL, SSA Scout Sectional assistant, ESL explorer scout Leader, AESL, ESA, DNSL district network scout leader, ADNSL assistant, DNH. LTM Local training manager.
Role times vary but it could be as low as 2 hours a week, but you can if you wish do a lot more or a lot less depending on the time you can give.

Skill and Qualifications Required:

We don’t ask for specific qualifications or experience – we’re just looking for volunteers with bags of energy and enthusiasm, and a passion for working with young people. Scouting will have to get you a DBS for all roles and you will need 2 references.

Areas of Interest: Children, Craft, Scouts, Young people
Opportunity suitable for: Employee Volunteers, Event, Groups, Indoor, Long term commitment, Older people, Outdoor, People seeking work, Short term commitment, University students, With friends
What activities will the volunteer do? Administration, Fundraising, Management, Outdoors, Youth work
Skills gained in this role: Leadership, Managing people, Organising, Talking to others, Teamwork
Home based opportunity? No
DBS Check Required: Yes

About the host organisation

Hosted by: Scouts North Tameside
Organisation Profile: Scouting we are on the looking for adult Leaders or Helpers to run Beavers 6 to 8, Cubs 8 to 10.5, Scouts 10.5 to 14 and Explorers 14 to 18 and all Scout Groups now have girls. Also adult supporters to help to run a Scout Group eg Chairs, Seceratarys, Treasurers, Trustees, Brewer uppers, QMs, and many more roles in Scouting.
Charity number: 503573