Volunteer Voices 2024, Meet Gillian

Gillian’s journey began a while ago and she has been involved in a range of volunteer roles throughout the years. From volunteering at Age UK in 1993, to volunteering in chaplaincy, admin, reception, then onto her current volunteering role with Dr Kershaw’s Hospice in their charity shop.

In 2012 Gillian was, unfortunately, made redundant after 18 years. From here, she made contact with Action Together to discuss volunteering ideas. Gillian then went on to volunteer with Action Together as a Receptionist, volunteered at Positive Steps Oldham, and with First Choice Homes supporting their administration.

During her time as a volunteer Gillian also found paid employment at a local school, a football club and found the time to run her own business! She is a friend, a mum and a wife, and loves to walk her dog. We don't know how she fits it all in but Gillian certainly likes to keep herself busy!

Gillian told us that the benefits of volunteering have had a huge impact on her life including gaining employment, meeting new people, planning days out with new friends, and enjoying herself.

Hear from Gillian in her own words as she shares her experience as a volunteer;

Gillian's role at Dr Kershaw’s charity involves her welcoming people, stock checking, sorting donations, steaming and using the till. The reason Gillian volunteers is to support her local community and give something back. Her late Mum had helping hands support from Dr Kershaw’s Hospice, and she found that volunteering was a great way to support a local charity close to her heart. She says;

"Volunteer and go for it! What have you got to lose? Theres only things you can gain!"