Volunteer Celebration Fund | Our success stories from 2023

As part of this years’ Volunteers’ Week celebrations, we launched our ever popular Action Together Volunteer Celebration Fund for 2024. 

The fund invites VCFSE groups from Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside to apply for a grant of up to £500 to host an event or activity to celebrate and say thanks to their volunteers. It really is the perfect opportunity for your organisation to honour every one of your volunteers, celebrate their achievements and their fantastic contributions that make a difference within our communities.

We’re sure you have heaps of wonderful ideas and plans already but if you needed any inspiration, just take a look at these amazing activities that our members were able to deliver using grants from our Volunteer Celebration Fund during 2023.

All Sufficient Sanctuary

All Sufficient Sanctuary hosted their Volunteer Celebration Programme in September 2023. The celebration started with a welcome speech by Chair; Veronica Afemikhe. In her speech, she thanked the volunteers for their selfless efforts in the last year and also highlighted some of the achievements in the period under review. This include the record number of people All Sufficient Sanctuary were able to reach in last year. 

Volunteers were presented with a Certificate of Commendation and gift vouchers, to thank them for their contributions. Food and drink was also provided at the celebration, and the cutting of the celebration cake was a notable highlight of the event.

All Sufficient Sanctuary also used the opportunity to introduce new people into the volunteer workforce.

Royton & Crompton Over 60’s

Royton & Crompton Over 60’s hosted a fabulous celebration lunch for 44 of their volunteers. The volunteers were treated to a fish and chip lunch which, "went down a treat!" followed by a variety of sweets, cheese and biscuits and a large celebration cake. The group also gave volunteers a Gift of a Bush for their gardens and a goody bag with a variety of items such as chocolates, note book and pen.

We all had a wonderful afternoon celebrating and may thanks go to Action Together and their team for the support we receive, especially from Adele who is a gem.

Our volunteer members, many who live alone, state that having a lunch together is the highlight of their week. Friendships are formed over the weeks, and even more so over the intimacy of a meal. Thanks you so much for your support.


To celebrate their volunteers' contribution, SAWN took advantage of a lovely summers day and held a barbeque at GROWE, their community Orchard in Failsworth. The volunteers were able to enjoy delicious food and were also presented with a certificate of achievement to recognise their commitment and contribution to SAWN’s services.

Without the volunteers' commitment we would not have been able to deliver services, such as the Furniture hub, Agatha’s Space, SARATI and other services within SAWN.

All the volunteers really appreciated getting together to enjoy the barbecue, cake and the good weather. Our oldest volunteer, Mama Norma, who helps out in the furniture shop said, '' I don't know what I would do without SAWN... you are my family! If it wasn't for you I would be sitting at home in my front room watching the traffic go by with my cat Whitey all day long. Instead, I get up and I come down to the mill where I feel useful, and I appreciate feeling loved and supported by my SAWN family.''

The application was very simple and straightforward - thank you Action Together for all your support. We know we can ring any one of your staff for advice and guidance and this is very much appreciated.

Oasis Hub Oldham

Oasis Hub Oldham sent out official invitations to their volunteers inviting them to a Volunteer Celebration. On the day, they went and purchased an afternoon tea-style lunch with sandwiches, wraps, salad, cakes, and drinks. They decorated the tables at Northern Lily with tablecloths and set up the food table.

Volunteers arrived to a wonderful lunch, and each volunteer was called out to the front to receive their personalised certificate and chocolates, and were applauded and celebrated for their hard work.

The fun also continued as the group then went out and collected fruit from the orchard (apples, pears, blackberries) to make fresh fruit juice in the outdoor juicer. They also visited the therapy pygmy goats, brushed, fed, and had cuddles with them. At the end of the day, everyone was given a bag full of fruit and veg to take home. 

Everyone had a wonderful time! The project was a success, the highlights were giving out the certificates and celebrating every volunteer individually.

"It was an amazing day loved everything about it had such wonderful people there to celebrate wit.h " Vikki Jackson

"It was good because everyone was there that we know. I like the goats and the food and also enjoyed picking the apples." Sofia Wood (young neurodiverse volunteer)

"I enjoyed the day and felt appreciated for my work volunteering." Sarah Miller

Fatima Women’s Association

Fatima Women's Association treated 20 volunteers to a celebration meal, where they conducted a presentation, talked about the remarkable success of FWA for over 32 years, shared past and present stories and presented certificates to the volunteers. 

It was a successful event which was appreciated by everyone present.

Chadderton Together

Chadderton Together created Lydia’s Tearoom, in Foxdenton Park, in 2021. This tearoom is now a busy and thriving not for profit community hub and cafe. They operate the café with willing volunteers who freely give up their time by volunteering. This essential help allows the café to remain open five days each week.

Chadderton Together used their funding to host a celebratory luncheon. This luncheon acknowledged the band of regular Lydia’s Tearoom volunteers as a way of saying “Thank you!” for all their hard work, time and commitment that they freely given to Chadderton Together and the cafe. The luncheon was an amazing success and a wonderful way to meet up and chat on a more social basis.

"Had a wonderful few hours at the Hunt Lane Tavern being treated to lunch and drinks with fellow volunteers. Thank you Action Together for making it possible. So nice for volunteers to be appreciated in this way." Mags Hughes

"Great afternoon lovely company and delicious food. The volunteers are greatly appreciated and had a well deserved treat. Big thank you to all who were involved." Mary Wilk

"Being a volunteer at Lydia's Tearoom is something which I enjoy immensely. I work with lovely people and we all enjoy our time with each other. Our recent lunchtime get-together at the Hunt Lane Tavern was very much appreciated. As well as the lovely food and drink which was provided for us, it gave us the opportunity to socialise as a group. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the group. Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen." Jean Warner

Volunteer Celebration Fund 2024 Information

We are very happy to share that all the funds for the Volunteer Celebration Fund 2024 have been successfully allocated to organisations in Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside, to support them in celebrating their dedicated volunteers.

If you have any queries, please contact our Funding team on: 0161 339 2345 or email: funding@actiontogether.org.uk