Tameside Resettlement Scheme and Household Support Fund


Help available from the Tameside Resettlement Scheme

The Tameside Resettlement Scheme can provide the following types of help:

  • Household items: TRS will provide essential household items for people who are leaving hospital, or a care setting, temporary housing or prison, and who have no means of buying the items. Items may also be provided for people who are experiencing exceptional pressure, such as family breakdown, a sudden onset of a chronic illness or fleeing domestic abuse. 
  • TRS will only provide items once in a 24 month period, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • The items will be provided, delivered and installed by Furniture Resource Centre .
  • Other support: such as a contribution to rent in advance or removal costs may be provided to households in the above circumstances. Any support will be paid direct to the landlord or the removal company, no money will be paid to the applicant.

Help available from the Household Support Fund

  • Clothing: Assistance provided in the form of shopping vouchers, limited to £50 per person - only one award can be made in a 3 month period
  • Food: Assistance provided in the form of shopping vouchers, limited to £25 per person - only one award can be made in a 3 month period
  • Utilities:  Top ups can be provided for pre-paid gas, electric and water meters, a referral will be made on your behalf to arrange. OR payments made towards gas, electric and water bills for those not on a pre-paid meter - these payments are capped at £100 per household and only one payment can be awarded per household from this scheme per year.
  • Household Items: The Household Support Fund can assist in providing essential household items in instances where items are broken/damaged beyond repair and a family does not have the financial means to replace them. Items are purchased on the applicant's behalf and delivered and installed by Furniture Resource Centre. Only one order can be placed per household per year.

Applications are assessed on a case-by- case basis - to see if you are eligible for support please complete an online application using the link below.

In some cases additional information may be requested e.g. proof of income, before an application can be processed. 

Who can apply? 

Tameside Resettlement Scheme

Tameside people aged 16+ who are on a low income and who need help to move out of an institutional (hospital, prison, hostel) or an unsettled way of life, including homelessness and who without the help would suffer serious harm to themselves and / or their family. It can also assist households who are experiencing exceptional pressure or exceptional hardship. 

Household Support Fund

The new Household Support Fund will support vulnerable households, on a low income in Tameside through small grants to meet daily needs such food, clothing, utilities and household appliances. This new fund will run over winter and those in need of support should complete the online application form to request assistance.

Grant amount: Various

Application process: One of the assessment team will contact you by phone or email regarding your application within 7 days (our offices are open Monday-Friday) of receiving your application.
Once your application has been processed we are unable to make any changes to the items awarded, or add any additional items to your request.
Only one application can be processed per household within the agreed timeframes detailed above.

Applications can be made on the Councils website.

Deadline: Not specified

Contact information: Email trs@tameside.gov.uk

Website address: www.tameside.gov.uk

Not specified
Funding Theme: 
Health and Wellbeing