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Tameside 4 Good supports local good causes across borough with grants, so they can make a real difference to local lives. We connect businesses and individuals with these causes, directing time, skills, money and resources to the places they are needed most.

Thanks to the help of generous local people and businesses we have been able to fund almost 90 community projects distributing £150,000 in the last five years.

You can be sure your money makes a real difference to the lives of Tameside residents. Here is an examples of recent projects Tameside 4 Good has funded:

Noah’s A.R.T. supports isolated and vulnerable individuals with mental health, learning disabilities and dementia. Noah's A.R.T. is a progressive, innovative and therapeutic wellbeing service run with the help of little furry friend like Maggie the Jack Russel, Big Joey the French Lop Rabbit and many more. Sharon Hall said:

"The Tameside 4 Good funding has been providing the foundations for all of the projects. Thank you!"

Read more about Noah's Art.   

Tameside Forget Me Not Buddies provides support for older people living with Dementia and their carers. Forget Me Not Buddies meets weekly in Denton and helps individuals with dementia by providing a fun and social place to meet. Doreen, cares for her partner and said:

"I thought I was all alone in this struggle to care for my partner, until I came to the group."

Tameside 4 Good focus on the smaller, local groups who are enhancing health and wellbeing on our doorsteps or rebuilding lives affected by poverty, crime, isolation or unemployment in our own neighbourhoods. We also award grants to individuals to give vital support for those who need a helping hand between 5 - 25 years old. So far, we have awarded 17 Individuals with small grants, distributing £6,500. Read about our impact.

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