Safeguarding Children in the Rochdale Borough

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Wednesday, 17th February 2021

Rochdale Safeguarding Children’s Partnership and Adults Board provide training courses on all aspects of children’s and adult safeguarding. The courses are for anyone who works or volunteers within the borough.

All training is provided free of charge – however there is a charge for non-attendance or late cancellation (less than 5 working days). All its training courses are delivered by front-line professionals who can bring real-life experience to the course delivery. 

During the pandemic all courses are being delivered online.

Training over the next few months includes:

Understanding coercive controlling behaviour

16 March 

For practitioners working with families or adults in Rochdale. This session will help practitioners to understand what coercive control is, recognise the signs, the impact and UK legislation around it. Duration: 45-60 mins

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‘Honour’ Based Violence/Abuse

18 March

This briefing will: • Raise awareness of so called ‘Honour’ Based Abuse/Violence (HBV/A) in the UK • Help participants gain an understanding and challenge misconceptions of HBV/A • Raise awareness of signs & indicators of risk • Help participants be able to respond to safeguard and support children & vulnerable adults • Provide information on the support services available This 90 minute to 2 hours briefing is being delivered online using Microsoft Teams whilst the pandemic continues. Once we are able to deliver training courses face-to-face again, we will replace this briefing with a full day course.

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Completing a DASH Risk Assessment

2 March

For practitioners working with clients that may be affected by domestic abuse. This session will cover how to complete the Domestic Abuse Stalking and Honour based violence (DASH - RIC) risk assessment which is the national tool used to assess risk in cases of domestic abuse. Duration: 45-60 mins

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Safety Planning for Domestic Abuse

9 March

For practitioners working with clients affected by domestic abuse. This session will cover how to identify risk and create a safety plan with clients to enable them to manage the risk in a domestic abuse relationship or to leave safely. Duration: 45-60 mins

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Complex Safeguarding: Responding to Child Exploitation

15 March 

This course is delivered by the Complex Safeguarding Team and covers Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and modern day slavery. It also aims to provide attendees with a basic understanding of trauma and how this can impact young people. The course is suitable for anyone who works with adolescents and essential for professionals working in a safeguarding role. Please ensure you can attend both parts before booking.

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5 May and 3 November

This is an informative session aimed at professionals who may potentially work with individuals who are experiencing stalking behaviour. The session will cover: • The definition of stalking and the difference between stalking and harassment • The impact of stalking behaviour and the effect on the victim and wider associates • Stalking and the ways it effects younger people • Cyber and online stalking • How to recognise stalking behaviours • The law • Stalker typologies • How to support a victim and services available • Stalking Protection Orders (SPOs) All attendees will need access to a screen to view the presentation during the session. If you have problems accessing the link and need to dial in please email and they will send you the presentation slides to view during the session

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