Paul Hamlyn Foundation - Shared Ground Fund

Aims/priorities: The Shared Ground Fund supports organisations working towards the following long-term objectives:

  • Influencing migration system reform: helping to build a policy and legal framework based on the principles of fairness, accessibility, due process, efficiency and respect for human rights.
  • Improving access to support services, to ensure systemic exclusion which forces individuals into poverty is addressed and the needs of people who migrate are met, so that they have the longer-term support they need to settle, integrate and thrive in the UK.
  • Strengthening civic participation so that people who have migrated to the UK have a stronger voice and are represented and meaningfully involved in the structures and services that affect their lives.
  • Informing public understanding and countering the polarisation of migration and integration narratives.

PHF offers a flexible funding approach. Organisations can use the funding in one or more of the following ways:

  • Core and long-term support for their organisation
  • Underpinning existing programme costs to sustain ongoing delivery
  • Additional costs for adapting existing work to new contexts or to test new ways of working

Work should address racism and structural inequalities that result in different groups being adversely affected in the UK migration system. The work must directly influence or contribute towards wider systemic change and address root causes alongside consequences.

There is particular interest in the lives of young people who lack permanent status in the UK, including those who are ‘undocumented’. It is expected that the work being funded should include the following:

  • A deep understanding of challenges and opportunities, and clarity about what is to be changed and how it will be done.
  • People with lived experience of the immigration system at the heart of efforts to secure change
  • A collective approach to achieving change, working alongside other organisations and individuals within and outside the migration sector
  • The wellbeing of staff and others involved in creating change is considered and appropriate resources are in place to support this
  • A contribution towards their overall organisational development, including resource to support an organisation’s operations and governance to be effective, sustainable and anti-racist
  • A thoughtful approach to capturing learning and applying it as work develops, and appropriate with appropriate resources in place to support this.

Priority will be given to work taking place outside of London and work that is led by people with direct experience of the UK immigration system (with a majority on the leadership and governance of an organisation.

Who can apply? Not-for-profit organisations working in the UK are eligible to apply so long as the funding is exclusively used for activities that support PHF's charitable objectives and have public benefit.

Grant amount: Grants range from £30,000 to £400,000 for work lasting between one year and four years with an option to extend for a further period.

Most grants will be in the £60,000 to £250,000 range.

A pre-application bursary of up to £500 is available along with Access Support

Application process: There is a two-stage application process. The Foundation aims to reach a final decision on applications within four months of receipt of applications.

The guidance notes, sample application form and the online application form are available from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation website.

Deadline: There are no deadlines. Applications can be made at any time.

Contact information: Shared Ground Team - Tel 020 7812 3300, Email

Website address: ground fund

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