Organisation of the Month

We have chosen ReachOut as our organisation of the month for May

Mentoring charity, ReachOut, run a series of projects across Oldham working with secondary aged students (aged 11-16 years) helping them with their school work but also to build character and confidence, and to raise their aspirations.

By volunteering 1 hour per week, your time will truly make a difference to a young person's life and help them with their academic work as well as helping to build character and communication skills.

At ReachOut, we improve self-confidence and develop numeracy, literacy and communication whilst reinforcing our core values of fairness, self-control, good judgement and staying power. We do this through one-to-one mentoring with positive role models and team activities to promote leadership, trust and responsibility.

Mentoring with ReachOut allows you to make a difference, take on a new challenge and give back to the community!

Want to help a young person in your local community succeed? click here to find out more about becoming a ReachOut Volunteer Mentor