Oldham Poverty Action Group

Oldham Poverty Action Group

Next meeting of the Oldham Poverty Action Group will be held on 17 March 2021. Details will be on our events page.  

The Poverty Action Group meets with the overall aim to reduce the impact of poverty on the most vulnerable people in the borough of Oldham and in doing so support individuals, families, and communities to move from poverty to financial inclusion. It was set up in March 2013 as a result of action points that emerged from the Poverty to Financial Inclusion event in October 2012 and follow-up discussions in February 2013. 

Overall aim of the Oldham Poverty Action Group

The Poverty Agenda Group meets with the overall aim to reduce the impact of poverty on the most vulnerable people in the borough of Oldham and in doing so support individuals, families and communities to move from poverty to financial inclusion. The members have approved an action plan for 2019/20 around the themes of Food Redistribution, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping, Poverty Truth Commission.


  • Share information through meetings, the email group and events in order to best equip voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) groups to meet their own priorities
  • Collect intelligence of what is really happening for people
  • Recognise that poverty is an issue in all communities
  • Identify areas where collective action is needed and suggest solutions
  • Campaign where appropriate for changes that effect the most vulnerable people
  • Link in to appropriate statutory bodies and in order to highlight issues, look for solutions in partnership and have an impact
  • Link in with Greater Manchester organisations that are tackling poverty in order to gain a broader perspective and learn about possible solutions
  • Work closely with the Cooperative Council agenda to ensure that poverty across the borough is addressed
  • Offer a supportive environment for all those involved by sharing experiences, identifying problems and solutions


The Poverty Agenda Group (PAG) is made up of representatives from the voluntary, community, faith sector and social enterprise sector, Oldham council, housing associations, local businesses and DWP representative. All contributors are welcome. It is co-ordinated and serviced by Action Together and the work undertaken has to reflect the capacity of all those involved.

PAG links in with key decision making bodies locally and at regional level through representation within Oldham Partnership and Greater Manchester Poverty Action.  

The majority of the work is carried out at PAG meetings and through the email group. Members give resources in time and ‘kind’ e.g. venues for meetings.

Roles and responsibilities

The group is not a constituted group and aims to meet every three months subject to agreement by group members.

Membership of the group is open to anyone that is involved in supporting vulnerable people in the borough and/or who has particular skills around poverty and change.


Members can offer resources in time, knowledge and skills and venues for meetings and events.

​To find out more about our poverty prevention work please contact Nayan Joshi on Email: nayan.joshi@actiontogether.org.uk or Tel: 0161 339 2345.