Oldham Cares - health and care reform in Oldham

Oldham Cares

Oldham Cares isn’t another organisation. It’s a different way of working. It’s about joining up the gaps between Oldham's health and social care systems to make things better for people who live in Oldham.

Oldham Cares approach is based around place-based ‘systems of care’ in which commissioners (the people who design services) and providers (the people who deliver them) work together.

Instead of working for individual parts of the system, the organisations will be working for Oldham as a whole and, at a more localised level, for the smaller neighbourhoods and communities where the patients and residents live.

Giving people and communities the power to change things will help Oldham Cares to get where it needs to go.

But to do this, Oldham Cares need to ensure that Oldham has:

An inclusive economy – which means everyone in Oldham has a fair and real chance to access opportunities and improve their own lives
Co-operative Services – which means Oldham Cares will commission and provide health and social care services which create the biggest impact for people using and accessing them
Thriving Communities – which means people live in neighbourhoods where the idea of building a strong community really means something

Oldham Cares has launched the Big Conversation this summer, inviting everyone living in Oldham to talk to Oldham Cares about their health and social care experiences.

Involving patients and residents and enabling them to participate in the work Oldham Cares does is very important, and as Oldham Cares looks at bringing services closer together it will ensure that the community is placed at the forefront of everything it does.

Oldham Cares believes that as many people as possible in the Borough should have a say in the way services are designed and provided.

Click here to take part in the Big Conversation.

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