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Men in Sheds
Published date: 
Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Local health chiefs report that the healthy age threshold for Tameside citizens is 57 years. So, statistically speaking, people in Tameside can expect to experience significant negative changes to their health at this age - this onset is a full decade earlier than can be expected by those living  in the wealthier Southeast. One of the more significant contributing factors is lifestyle.    

The Shed with support from St. John's Church, Dukinfield and Tameside Council is running a six week "cook and eat" programme. The focus will be on helping people age well. and avoid social isolation.

The programme is also appropriate as a pre-retirement preparation for those about to go through this transition from work.

Good nutrition
The food choices we make every day impact our body and mind. With more and more highly processed foods in our diets, our bodies may not receive the nutrients they need to sustain good health.

Taking control
With the course, individuals will gain the knowledge and skills to make educated choices about the food they eat. They’ll learn about the health benefits of food and be able to take better control of their own wellbeing.

Social eating

At least an additional six people will be invited to eat at each session ensuring that the experience is a social activity for all those involved

Please note: This is not a professional qualification.

What they will learn:

  • Food hygiene
  • A range of preparation and cooking skills
  • The foundations of a healthy diet
  • Relationship between health, diet and exercise
  • Reading and understanding food labels
  • Anti-ageing diet tips
  • What ‘organic’ really means
  • How to address food allergies and intolerances

Location and timing:

The sessions, aimed primarily but not exclusively at older men, will be run at St. John’s Church Centre, Vicarage Drive, Dukinfield, SK16 5HZ.

 Sessions starting Saturday 16 June for six Saturdays over a seven week period (there may be one week when it isn’t possible to run a session) 10am until 1.30pm.

Target group:

Older men, from across Tameside, in danger of being isolated and lonely who are interested in improving their health through self-care.


Only six places are available so early applications are advised addressed to The Shed, using the contact details below. Those too late to participate may be invited to the social eating part of the programme

The sessions are free at the point of use.

Tameside's Men In Sheds is a larger version of the typical men’s shed at the bottom of the garden – a place where he feels at home and pursues practical interests. We offer a safe, friendly and inclusive workshop, where men (and women on Fridays) come together to work, share ideas and experiences. More importantly, it’s a place where they can make friends and enjoy themselves.

If you would like to take part please contact Mike on Mob: 07984037920; Tel: (0161) 368 4974; Email: 

Please note: 

In addition to the participants we are looking for people who might like to join the participants for a free social lunch

Tameside's Men in Sheds, Loxley House, Birch Lane, Dukinfield, SK16 5AU

Registered Charity No: 1175457

T: (0161) 368 4974