Action Together Radical Kindness project

Published date: 
Wednesday, 31st March 2021

Over the past year, Covid-19 has upended everything about our lives. We have lost so much, and yet people and communities have come together to support each other through it. As much as Key Workers and the NHS, volunteers and communities have been at the heart of our crisis response and we want to mark and celebrate this.

The stories we tell are powerful. Alongside our love for the NHS and our gratitude to Key Workers, we want to celebrate the power of kindness and the vital work of neighbours, communities and volunteers.

Action Together is working with local artists in Oldham and Rochdale to collect and share experiences of everyday kindness during the covid pandemic to celebrate the amazing contribution of our communities. We are also working with the Council in Tameside on their public celebration of volunteers and communities.

In Oldham we are working with Rebecca and Michael from May Wild Studios. They live and work in Oldham and are inspired by handcraft, nature, storytelling, community and collaboration.

In Rochdale we are working with Rahela and Bushra who both live in Rochdale and work from Ebor studios. Bushra and Rahela are both inspired by Rochdale’s rich history of banner-making and share a passion for working with marginalized communities.

Our artists are listening to people across our boroughs, collecting stories, photos, drawings and memories which bring to life radical everyday kindness. They will then produce a public artwork in each town centre so the celebration can be there for everyone to see.

Public art is uniquely accessible – belonging to all of us and part of our daily life. It encourages people to pay attention to the world around them and to reflect on what it means to be from our place, our town, our community.

We are proud to have been part of the community response during covid and excited to celebrate the amazing work of friends, neighbours and volunteers during the pandemic.

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Supported by the National Lottery Community Fund