Projects Funded in Oldham

At Action Together we recognise community action is taking place across the borough of Oldham and we want to encourage and support this action. 

The Community Response Fund was launched in March 2020 after the World Health Organisation had declared a pandemic. It was available for Oldham groups from the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector working on a COVID-19 Community Response.

We wanted to connect local community action and help to co-ordinate efforts in response to the needs of residents. We were especially interested in funding good neighbour, mutual aid and social action projects that directly helped people affected by the effects of the virus. We also wanted to support the community, voluntary, faith and social enterprise sector to respond with new ideas that helped to connect or support people through this crisis. 

Through the launch of the Community Response Fund we have been able to award 64 groups with £46,537.45 of funds to local community groups in the Borough. Click here to see what groups have been awarded the Response Fund and the impact it has made to the local communities. 

We are delighted to let you know that we have launched a Community Recovery Fund and already have distributed over £59,000.00 in 6 months to local communities after the continued community action that is taking place across the Borough. We wanted to encourage and support this action and help to sustain and maintain our vibrant sector to support Oldham people during a very challenging time. See below a list of projects that have been awarded the Community Recovery Fund. 

To find out how you can apply click here or contact: tel: 0161 339 2345 and ask for Oldham Development or email:

We can only support projects that are working to government safety guidance, please see how to help safely government guidance

Projects funded in Oldham

Community Recovery Fund

April 2021

Organisation Amount awarded Project
Love Lydgate £200 Prior to the pandemic they put out a quarterly newsletter, delivering it free of charge to 500 homes. Full of news and articles written by or written about our local people, issues and ideas. This has been popular and particularly invaluable during the pandemic. They have found that some people do not communicate via computer and this publication popping through the door has been a cheery way to keep people in touch. 
The Chatty Cafe Scheme £256 In direct response to COVID-19, they have created ‘Chatter & Natter" one-to -one calls’ and action referrals from social prescribing teams in Oldham. They support anyone over 18 who would class themselves as lonely and/or socially isolated.
The Happy Bump Club £200 Providing a support group for pregnant women in the Oldham and Tameside areas. This will be an informal group where the women can meet other women in the same situations, make friends, and 
share information and advice. I also aim to have a guest speaker at each session (for example a midwife,  health visitor, doula) as well as having a pregnancy yoga session and an infant first aid session. 

March 2021 - 18 projects were successful with a total amount of £16,969.00 being awarded

Organisation   Amount Awarded Project
Bee in the Community Graden Project   £1,000 We are in the process of converting a neglected, dis-used garden space at the rear of the church into a community garden where people will feel safe to plant, pick or just relax. We have already cleared out all the overgrown shrubbery and installed 2 bee-hives prior to the pandemic which have proved to be popular. We now need to prepare for the next stage of the project which will involve the more able bodied members of our group, building raised beds. Once this is achieved fruit, veg and herbs can be planted.
Chadderton Community Crafters   £148 We are applying for help with our insurance. We have been unable to meet due since the lockdown and we are very short on funds. We have been meeting for the last 6 years, with mainly ladies over 50, during that time we have been combating social isolation in the area. I cannot express how important this little group is to our ladies.
Glodwick Dynamoes FC   £1,000 Our objectives and ethos remain to tackle inactivity and help - primarily the large BAME community to overcome barriers through intervention and support via key activities including Sports. This funding will be vital in supporting our organisation further in adapting and becoming stable and resilient to respond to the challenges our communities are facing now and in future. 
Limeside Youth Club   £897 Our Youth club is the only one within the area and provides a safe and fun environment for the local children. With mental health issues in children increasing during lockdown, we believe our club is a step forward in helping the young have a sense of normality and community. Having the ability to socialise with friends and other children in a separate environment from school or from online at home. We not only provide a safe and friendly place for children to attend, but with weekly activities we allow kids to feel a sense of accomplishment and express their creativity and passions.
Oldham Boxing and Personal Development Centre   £1,000 We aim to address what life has been like during lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By working with children ages 4-18 years.  We believe that we can bring the community together through our project "Lock Down" to experience how children have perceived the national lockdown
Peaceful Minds CIC   £980 The group is dominated by ladies from the BAME community for whom English is a second language. To alleviate this barrier, we have provided sessions in both English and Urdu. However, the ladies have requested for a group to be established where they can develop their basic spoken English skills. We trailed a role play in the group session where the ladies had to call their gas supplier regarding a gas leak. They found this activity very useful and requested for more sessions like this. 
REEL   £1,000 We are requesting money to be able to enhance the healthy living group we are running, currently 12 people are accessing this group. We have a colleague who is trained in fitness and wants to come up with exercises for everyone to do at home but they will need a tablet to be able to do this so everyone at home can join in. Everything at the moment will be over zoom and WhatsApp but eventually when the tiers lower, we will hopefully be able to meet up and exercise together. 
REEL   £1,000 This year we would like to be able to double to families we support and provide enough items for 50. The families have all asked if Reel can get involved in some Easter online holiday provision which would include an element of craft packs, food packs and cooking online. Altogether are happy if we run some activities in Alt and are really happy we have the families engaging in something positive and also helping the ones in need with food. Families mental wellbeing has been at a low point with schools shut and people not in a routine while we are engaging online with families it helps them to feel connected to others. 
REEL   £1,000 For Easter half term we would like to safely do activities online with families where we give out activity packs, food for a recipe and interact sessions on Facebook live with them. We will ask the community before hand what activities they would like it can range from online sports sessions, dance, family quiz, interactive treasure hunts, cooking together and much more. Before COVID we would have ran holiday provisions and unfortunately it will have been a year since we have been able to. Families need to connect with other families get involved in colouring competition’s and fun things to keep their spirits uplifted. 
REEL   £1,000 All those working or supporting The REEL Clothing Rack have unique insights in to the impact of personal crisis and know, first hand or through their professional experience, the devastating and crippling effects of stigma and shame attached to using crisis services.
Royton & Crompton Over 60's Group   £985 Our members most who live alone have found this period of time very difficult, as they miss the weekly face to face time and the  fellowship and conversation with friends. We believe crafting and engaging in the books will reduce boredom and hopefully bring some light and joy into their lives, none of them have ever been so isolated for so long and several have had mental health issues over this time.
Saddleworth Sport & Youth Community Association   £999 As part of our Body Mind & Well-being programme and following on from a successful Fast Grant supported Man Tuesday project that addressed men’s mental health and wellbeing, this idea is to set up weekly Mindfulness sessions on Monday evenings on Zoom led by qualified Breathworks’ instructors. The benefits of Mindfulness are well established and should help sustain and improve men and women’s mental health and well-being throughout the Oldham area as we come out of lockdown. 
Salvation Army - Fitton Hill   £1,000 We currently hold a voluntary online baby class via Facebook Live for parents of toddlers under 5, to sing and dance in the comfort of their own homes – due to not being able to hold face to face classes like we usual would. We would like to get a new iPad, as our current tablet is very slow and loses connection regularly and sometimes we have had to stop the session early due to this. It would also mean that we would be able to hold Zoom / MS Teams calls with all the families so the children are able to interact with each other, as this socialising is definitely missing from toddlers development and would help them into schooling.
Salvation Army - Fitton Hill   £1,000 We currently have around 25 families that access our food club on a Friday. We give out food packs out to help the families that really struggle to put food on their tables. Without this funding to buy the food itself, we may have to stop providing the service in its entirety which would have a detrimental affect on these families as they need the food itself.
UP Community Interest Company   £1,000 Grant funding would enable us to deliver pilot taster sessions of their Positive Relationships training to participants accessing community support organisations operating in Oldham.
Evidence shows that COVID-19 has affected and will continue to impact relationships not only within households but also with external relationships. Domestic abuse incidents have increased during the pandemic with specialist support services more overstretched
Voice Assembly   £1,000 Funding will be used to hold a 4 hour live Zoom International Women’s Day celebration event. We are facing challenging and difficult times with very little to no support, finding that the Mental Health of our service users is suffering due to severe COVID-19 measures limiting social interaction, this has been especially difficult for individuals who live in isolated areas, who live alone and are elderly.
WHAG Community Enterprise UP CIC   £1,000 Evidence shows that COVID-19 has affected and will continue to impact relationships not only within households but also with external relationships. Grant funding enabled UP to deliver X4 online taster sessions to participants residing in Oldham. 
Woodenstone Oldham   £960 Our organisation support African people based in Oldham going through mental health issue. We are going to be doing group session through zoom where individuals will be able to communicate in the safety of their home. Having sessions through zoom will allow members to reduce isolation be able to keep in touch and communicate with other member, Zoom sessions will be used to support each other if someone is isolating. 

February 2021 - 6 projects were successful with a total amount of £4,283.00 being awarded

Organisation Amount Awarded Project
Chadderton Community Crafters £148 We are applying for help with our insurance. We have been unable to meet due since the lockdown and we are very short on funds. We have been meeting for the last 6 years, with mainly ladies over 50, during that time we have been combating social isolation in the area. I cannot express how important this little group is to our ladies.
DARE2DREAM CIC £1,000 To design and develop our own presentation and workshop to motivate and inspire children, young people and adults to help improve their mental health, confidence and wellbeing following the recent Coronavirus Lockdown. We will use Steve’s vast experience as a school teacher, adventurer and charity founder to motivate and inspire people of all ages to develop their self-belief and confidence as they move on with their lives learning to cope with the seen and unseen effects of having lived through the Coronavirus Pandemic and Lockdown.
Real Education Empowering Lives (REEL CIC) £1,000 We have been working throughout the pandemic providing vital services to support families struggling. We have been running a food provision, a crisis clothes provision, weekly community engagements and connecting with new families online. This has all been possible due to our team of dedicated hardworking volunteers. 
St Barnabas Church £1,000 The greatly increased number of clients means we need to accommodate more food, more deliveries, more volunteers, etc. We therefore wish to upgrade a small side hall to act as a storage ‘buffer’: it will be the place where food is delivered, to some extents prepared, stored, and in every way ‘managed’. This new area will also assist our efforts to keep Halal food separate from the other, different diets we accommodate.
St Herbert's Court Tenants Society £145 We would like to treat a group of vulnerable residents within St Herbert's Court who feel lonely and isolated during the pandemic. Our idea is to deliver an Easter Egg and an activity book to each resident living within the court, in the time for Easter Weekend. The activity book will hopefully provide stimulation and relief from boredom and chocolate makes many of us to feel happier. 
The Incredible Plastic Street Band £990 Our new project, IPSB Open the Door, has been born out of the true current crisis, which is the fact that our children are off school in a second national lockdown and missing the social interaction, reassurance and confirmation of self-worth that their face-to-face education provided. Parents are also under huge pressure due to home-schooling while dealing with financial worries, social isolation, loss of work and caring for the elderly or the very young.

In January 2021 - 3 projects were successful with a total amount of £2,831.00 being awarded.

Organisation  Amount Awarded Project
Austerlands Cricket Club £1,000 We are looking to install CCTV camera system to cover all round the club due to the recent spate of vandalism and burglaries attempts. We as a club think this will act as a deterrent to save on police time and manpower having to attend calls by local residents with the safety of the club. As a club we are trying to give children & adults alike a chance to enjoy some recreational facilities in these testing times when the time comes around.
Grace £831 Pre COVID-19 we arranged and carried out fun and activity days for the local women and girls. We had arranged martial arts sports to challenge young girls but due to restrictions were unable to follow these through. Presently we are all using outside facilities to keep group activities ongoing in groups of under 6 to maintain safe government guidance. We would like to make use of a pre-existing, local,  building through eligible funding. In order to achieve this it is vital that an effective COVID safe clean is carried out within the property that adheres to current legislation.
The Outdoor Collaborative £1,000 As a result of the pandemic (and after carrying out the risk assessment), the charity is now having to find more staff/volunteers/equipment to help deliver our services due to the social distancing measures and due to the limit on numbers we can deliver to during one session. 
Therefore, this funding will help us: Purchase more equipment/software.

December 2020 - 7 projects were successful with a total amount of £5,400.00 be awarded.

Organisation Amount Awarded Project
Fresh Church £1,000 Over the Christmas period each family will receive boxes that contain food, treats, essential household goods, and some arts and crafts for the children, as most will ot be able to afford it.
KeyRing Living Support Networks £1,000 Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to arrange our annual celebration and this has been a huge disappointment to our members. As a substitute we are looking at ways of sourcing small gifts, (chocolates, toiletries sets, puzzles, gloves, hats, socks) for our members, most of whom will receive no other gift on Christmas morning. Our members could then choose to open their gift at one of our virtual hubs or save their gift to have something to open on Christmas Day.
Nana Cheris Kitchen Ltd £200 We would like to provide hampers of food to the families who are struggling around our community, Covid-19 has hit the community hard and we have seen many families who are really struggling we would like to provide them with treats and food essentials to make their Christmas special. We would like to provide parcels to oasis hub via our school network oasis academy lime side where my children attend and we also provide hot meals such as Sunday lunches and are looking to distribute them to families in need and the homeless.
Oasis Hub Oldham £1,000 We are distributing family Christmas Hampers to vulnerable families across Oldham, taking referrals from Oldham Council, local schools and other partners. We will use this money specifically to purchase ingredients to make up recipe packs / a family wellbeing cooking activity for these hampers. Whilst our hampers also contain food to be used immediately, this part of the project aims to bring families together during the winter period to cook and bake some fun Christmas treats together.
OL1 Oldham £1,000 OL1-Oldham would like to produce a total of 132 vouchers, each with a face value of £7.50 to be redeemable via the group’s weekly Bread and Butter Thing Service. The proposed Grocery Store Project involves OL1-Oldham working not only in partnership with The Bread and Butter Thing Charity, but also Emerging Communities. These two bodies are in fact already well established partners of the group.
Oldham Somali Community Centre £1,000 We want to ensure that our Somali community is able to access hot meals and healthy food at home. To support this, we have set-up an emergency appeal for donations and are ensuring that those most in need are receiving food packages and essential items. So far, we have been reliant on food and money donations from staff, the general public and local businesses. 
Saddleworth School of Dance £200 Since COVID-19 at the beginning of the year all in room classes had to stop. We tried online classes but in these unprecedented times, some children found this to difficult to cope with. 
Children have love dancing in a room together for the social aspect as well as learning and developing new skills. These dance classes benefit children greatly, both physically and mentally. 

November 2020 - 14 projects were successful with a total amount of £10,715.00 being awarded

Orgnaisation Amount Awarded Project
Friends of Stoneleigh Park £1,000 Spread Christmas cheer to our local families that are vulnerable and living in poverty by gifting them toys, hampers, other essentials they may require as most won't be able to afford it
Fullcircle NW CIC £1,000 The ‘Bags of Christmas Spirit’ will be for local families in the area. The families will be identified through our key partners including district teams, housing providers and Church groups. Fullcircle will comply with government guidance in relation to the coronavirus social distancing. 
Hollins Methodist Church £200 Any donation would help us to continue our work in helping to buy more food. There is no other expense as we use our own church and delivery is free.We feel it would help all age groups within the community and have advertised it widely
Men Behaving Dadly £1,000 Our aim is to enable the young people to become aware of the help that is available to them, to increase health and wellbeing, increase children/young people’s resilience skills. 
NEON £1,000 To put a smile on a child’s face when they unwrap their gift, a smile on our elderly and isolated when they tuck into their hamper and a smile for a family on Christmas Day as they don’t have to worry. 
Oldham Camera Club £940 The grant will enable us to fully fund the speakers for the next six months using zoom until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and our members feel confident enough to attend face to face meetings.
Oldham Greenhill Community Sports & Recreation Club £1,000 We are requesting funds to run a Virtual Women’s Coffee Morning & Networking Support Group This project will follow on from our Women’s breakfast support group which ended in March 2020 due to Covid-19. We had over 20 women aged 30+ attending this group regularly; we helped over 25 vulnerable women in dealing with different problems and circumstance such as domestic abuse, mental health issues, loneliness and much more.
Real Education Empowering Lives (REEL CIC) £998 We are applying to support a new Food Pantry in South Chadderton. We require large storage cupboard and fridge freezer to safely store fresh foods. The funding would enable us to purchase essential items to deliver this project. 
Saheli Women's Group £995

Due to the pandemic, it is likely that we will not be able to do a collection of good quality items and toiletries as we have done in the past. Your kind donation will enable us to purchase the items needed to make it up. Fresh fruit and vegetable packs along with dry items will be delivered twice over the Christmas and New Year period.

Salvation Army - Fitton Hill £1,000 Since COVID-19 came in early 2020, we soon realised that the elderly would be one of the first to suffer. With being told to isolate, they were locked away from friends, family. So, we would like to be able to give them a winter warmer pack, with blankets, puzzle books, snacks, drinks. This is to show that we have not forgotten about them, 
Springboard Oldham Dementia Carer's Group £1,000 Since the COVID-19 situation has arisen, many of the people in these groups are now in isolation and would benefit greatly from receiving craft activities that they could do in the home. These would include a set of instructions and, for those who are online, a link to a video showing people how to use the kits. 
St Herbert's Court Tenants Society £182 The residents here would normally be able to have lunch together in our restaurant and attend many Christmas activities and social gatherings, sadly we are unable to do this this year. We want to give the tenants here a different sort of Christmas and deliver each person a Christmas food box. There are a few residents that live within St Herbert’s that do not have anybody and many more feeling socially isolated and lonely. 
St Thomas Church Moorside £200 We want to send a Christmas greeting to members. Many of these people are elderly and living alone so have had very little contact with friends and acquaintances from our community. Our greeting will come from the church and will be a Christmas card with photos of the church building inside and out. There will be a sentence of greeting inside. 
STYLE at St Thomas Church Moorside £200 Our Project is called Keeping the Parish Hall Covid-19 compliant. We will spend the money on basic items of PPE and hygiene resources. These will include hand sanitizing gel and hand wash, Eco cleaning products, paper towels, rubber gloves and other such items. 

October 2020 - 15 projects were successful with a total amount of £15,974.99 being awarded

Organisation  Amount Awarded Project
All Nations Charitable Trust AKA All Nations Church £1,000 Our project, will improve social inclusion for people affected by social isolation due to COVID -19. Through our charitable activities, we have become aware of a significant number of people, initially the older folk, who are increasingly isolated. Since the lock down we have been using online platforms such as zoom, Facebook and WhatsApp video. These are popular and users report that these online events are helping them cope with the impact of the lockdown. 
Bounceback Food £1,000

We are keen to still support people in the area as we enter a challenging winter and spring with additional lockdown measures likely. That in mind, we would like to provide pupils (and their families) at Oasis Academy Oldham with 12 months of free access to our Cooking & Nutrition Portal. The Portal provides people with access to hundreds of exciting healthy recipes, cooking tips, nutrition advice, budgeting support and an interactive meal planner.

EIC Foodbank £1,000 We are running a local food bank for last 4 Years where we help more than 50 families every fortnight with food. On average, we distribute 7000 meals per month to all our food bank users. We also take part in street angel project where we provide cooked food for homeless people.
Europia £1,000 In response to the growing needs within our community we launched our COVID-19 Emergency Fund towards the end of April. Since then we have provided over 70 clients with small grants ranging £30-£60 depending on their situation. In total we have distributed just over £3000, £200 of which went directly to 5 individuals and families in Oldham. For more information on our Emergency Fund please click here.
Fortnightly Family Fun Friday £1,000 As you may be aware Diwali is an important festival for Hindus. We celebrate this in a grand style by decorating our homes, visiting temples and meeting family and friends. This year, due to Covid-19 and the restrictions in place, we won’t be able to do that. Therefore we want to bring a sense of community and togetherness. We would like to offer Hindus and also non-Hindus supporting Diwali, a window decoration kit.
Glodwick Cricket Club £1,000

For many of our young people, this came to a shuddering halt in March as they were largely deprived of the season that they had prepared for. We want to be able to provide a high quality coaching and training experience for our young people involving the hiring of good quality indoor facilities and providing them with the best coaching that we can access, including the provision of guest coaching.

Home-Start Oldham, Stockport & Tameside £1,000 We are asking for two laptops so we can continue to support our families ‘face to face’ via zoom and maintain our records on our database so we can best reflect on the work done. We are currently supporting nearly 80 families in Oldham. To protect our families and our staff this is not being done face to face but by regular phone and video supervision. 
IntraQuest Community CIC £999.99 IntraQuest have been working on finding solutions to bring child therapy back safely in a COVID-19 World. One such solution is our Virtual Sandtray Therapy pilot. Sandtray work is an incredibly powerful therapeutic tool, one that used to be a core part of our service offering. Utilising items and props, it allows clients to re-create their life and current situation in ‘small world’ format. For children and adults that lack emotional literacy, it’s one of the most powerful tools a therapist can use. 
Peaceful Minds CIC £1,000 The therapist/facilitator shall provide one to one counselling and family therapy as and when required however, the main aim is to assist these men in building resilience and aid in reducing social isolation.  Men in general find it difficult to express their feelings however, men in the BAME community find it even more difficult as they are taught from a very young age that it is not culturally appropriate for a boy/man to share his feelings openly, it is seen as a weakness. The COVID-19 pandemic has further aggravated the situation leading to an increase in depression, anxiety, domestic violence, loneliness and social exclusion
Real Vision Community Network £1,000 To keep the members together, physical and mental health during the lockdown, we started the exercise sessions through zoom video calls. Through this Zoom social network, we encourage men to take part in running competitions among themselves and post the results of their achievements every day and this seems to encourage majority of men to compete. 
Redeeming our Communties £1,000 The centre is due to re-open in December 2020 but we are running short of funds to remain open. 
The centre also a regular Bread and Butter Foodbank distribution service and a Police surgery. With the impact of COVID we know that the community really needs this community centre more than ever. 
Santos AFC £975 We would like to use the grant to support the Club hiring a training venue. Our current venue is closed and the only facility we can find is considerably more expensive. We therefore want to offer children the opportunity to play football in a safe and fun environment but remain within our existing cost model. We believe it is important especially during these uncertain times that the children at Santos can still play football and maintain some normality in their lives. 
Spoons Charity £1,000 We support families with a baby on the neonatal intensive unit at Royal Oldham Hospital. Unfortunately, in light of the COVID-19 crisis support for families has changed significantly. One of the impacts is visiting on the unit. We are working with the neonatal unit and our NHS colleagues on this and would like to provide iPads that can be used to for us to facilitate interaction between the family and the NHS staff caring for their baby. 
Team Hill Charitable Trust £1,000 Throughout lockdown, as a charity and with conjunction with the council, we have supplied a shopping service which continues to this day. The people we are still shopping for are becoming increasingly worried about the prospect of spending Christmas on their own, also spirits are sinking and to try to lift them a little we would like to be able to provide a  Christmas box containing the basics to provide them with a Christmas dinner.   
Wild Things Performing Arts CIC £1,000 We provide inclusive performing arts classes to children age 3-18, making sure that everyone, no matter what background, experience or ability is able to access our services. 

September 2020 - 23 projects were successful with a total amount of £20,631.90 being awarded

Organisation Amount Awarded Project
Ist Failsworth Rainbows £1,000 Whilst we have not been able to meet face to face, volunteer leaders have been developing skills to provide online meetings using Zoom and adapt activities and deliver activities for the girls to do at home.
Aim High £1,000 The aim of this project is to offer tuition and mentoring to those children who cannot normally afford it and prevent them from falling behind further with their studies. The effect of COVID-19 is still far from over and young children are still being affected by being isolated or sent home from school at present. 
Bob's Bulletin £200 Created a 10 piece magazine for older people on the Holts Estate Oldham who belong to a housing ass and has circulation of 160. It's published every 2 weeks it is free and has been printed by me for 3 about years, I edit it, print it and deliver it.
Bring me Sunshine £940.48 We will deliver two, fun filled, interactive music therapy Zoom sessions per week to encourage social interaction, reduce isolation and improve mental health and well - being due to COVID-19. 
The sessions will include Dementia friendly, music, singing, light exercise, dancing and movement.
Chadderton Football Club £1,000 We require the grant to obtain the necessary COVID-19 PPE & Equipment to keep all our members free from contacting COVID-19.
Clarksfield & Glodwick Youth Movement £1,000

One of our main priorities through this funding will be to tackle over-weight & obesity through sports activity and the encouragement of good health & diet. In addition to this we also want to improve the mental & social well-being of our members by bringing people together through the medium of sport in a safe environment. 

Future Directions CIC £663.75 Like everyone, people with learning disabilities have had to stay at home more during the pandemic. We want to send people craft kits in the post with some card making materials so they can make Christmas cards at home.
Holland Close Residents Association £1,000 To provide activity packs in pump bags to tenants that are personal to their interests, for example wool, jigsaw, art therapy, darts, winter garden plants etc. to reduce depression and mental health.
Make Jesus Known £888 We are supporting people who are suffering from domestic and sexual abuse through online messages and creation of safe online communities for them. Our support is helping people who are struggling and feeling suicidal. Through our teams online engagement and creating a safe online community we are seeing people’s lives changed for the better and bringing hope and resilience to them and their communities.
Mighty Moorside Ladies Cricket Team £879.98 We are looking to start a winter women's / ladies cricket season from September. We have ladies who have struggled with mental health and depression, LGBT, ladies who are recovering from cancer and ladies who have emigrated to this country, we want to embrace all ladies in our community. 
Mighty Moorside Ladies Cricket Team £474 Mighty Moorsiders Ladies Cricket team would like to hold a Festival Fundraising Day. The money would be used to make the event as inclusive as possible to the whole community. Sholver is a deprived area where social isolation is a real problem, we have so many different cultures within our community , and integration can be hard.
NEON £960 Since COVID arrived, a large number of the members have found themselves struggling to cope with the added need to isolate and remain safe. This has resulted in higher levels of stress, anxiety, loneliness and worry. As a result of the restart of the group the Men have been able to communicate with others, off load their concerns and worries and take strength from each other, and the support mechanisms that we signpost individuals to.
NEON Knit & Chat £720 Encourage people who feel isolated because of effects of  COVID-19 to join a group of both men and women and various ages who come together on a weekly basis. There're members who suffer from loneliness and who have a number of health issues including mental issues. which has not been helped by the current situation. Members have found by talking about issues helps and enjoying the company of people in similar circumstances helps.  
Pennine Mencap £999.63 We are looking to implement Back to Basics. This programme will enable the most vulnerable service users to safely, individually access Pennine Mencap’s on-site resources without breaking social distancing rules. This will be a phased programme, providing carefully structured sessions by which selected individuals will be supported to return to simple, focused activities at our premises. 
Realx with Lucy £1,000 We understand from speaking to local residents that Oldham needs support in relation to their mental health and so we are asking for funding to support our Relax & Breathe project.
Renaissance Oldham CIC £912.08

Our plan is to convert the church building into a community centre to provide much needed facilities in Derker.  There has never been a community centre in Derker, and there are no facilities for young people who are too old to use on the play equipment in Stoneleigh Park.  They currently congregate on the wall of the grounds, which is not Covid-19 secure.

Saddleworth Street Pastors £1,000 With COVID-19, we envisage our role to increase to assist people in keeping social distancing, to encourage people to feel that it is safe in Uppermill. It takes one year to fully train a street pastor and have a further 4 people who will complete their training.  As soon as conditions allow, we will be back in Uppermill to assist in the safe running of the economy and to help people feel that it is safe to come back.  
Shaw Spiritualist Church £1,000 We would use the grant to enable us to provide COVID-19 sterilising equipment within the Church and be able to pay for extra heating. We can offer assistance to people struggling to deal with the current pandemic and the effects of loneliness and isolated that some people experience.
Soul Inspiration Gospel Choir £1,000 We have adapted the way sessions are delivered to users via Zoom however sadly, have not been able to reach those who do not have internet access. We are finding that the Mental Health of our service users is suffering due to severe Covid-19 measures limiting social interaction, this has been especially difficult for individuals who live in isolated areas, who live alone and are elderly. 
Support and Action for Women’s Network-SAWN £1,000 We have 40 African families that we have been supporting since the beginning of the lockdown with subsistence whose circumstances have not changed but instead grown worse as the Lockdown circumstances and uncertainty continues. We would like continuity of the African food bank to provide food and basic items to the most vulnerable in our community who cannot access support otherwise. 
The Flowhesion Foundation CIO £1,000 During the COVID-19 pandemic the we've worked to deliver a spectrum of telephone based support to its service users in Oldham. In particular we delivered bi-lingual Bengali counselling to Bangladeshi women in Shaw. 60% of our counselling telephone traffic in Oldham originated from this female Bangladeshi demographic with 70% of the calls concerned with anxiety, distress, mental health issues relating to isolation because of the lockdown rules. 
Unity School Support for African Families £1,000 We want the funding to enable us to continue supporting parents and children with their education during this time of lockdown. The majority of our parents are asylum seekers and refugees and English is not their first language so it is difficult for them to help their children with their homework at this time. 
Women’s CHAI Project £993.98 There has been an increase in poor mental health, domestic violence and isolation with our mum’s and their children during covid-19.  We have no funding as schools haven’t been able to run for parents due to lockdown.  We would like to set up Zoom meetings 3 sessions for each group to cover topics such as mental health, wellbeing and to reduce isolation where women can see and talk to each other.