Meet Leanne

Meet Leanne

Leanne | Social Change Networks Coordinator 

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What is my role: 

Social Change Network Coordinator

Using an innovative and long-term funding opportunity from Local Motion, we are collaborating across sectors and communities in Oldham to learn how to achieve our vision of: 
• Strengthening community spirit
• Aligning efforts to tackle poverty
• Creating good jobs and social enterprise

I am responsible for Supporting the social change networks and the Local Motion core group to share different perspectives, insight and best practice, and develop projects which address the root causes of the three themes in the vision.

What most excites me about this role:

To be working at Action Together whose core vision is to:

Believe it’s possible – vision and ideas matter. We have confidence in the power of people and communities and strive to release their potential to create the widest possible benefits whilst promoting social justice;

Strengthen others – we work in ways that strengthen people, places and partnerships. We achieve this by working collaboratively, sharing skills and developing relationships between people, groups and agencies;

Be true – we are brave enough to share constructive insight in order to make progress. Our unique insight comes from our connections with, and amplification of, the diverse range of voices of people and groups that we work with

I'm hugely values driven, which is deeply helpful in fulfilling this role.

What drew me to work at Action Together:

After 7 years in Public Health at Wigan Council, I was excited by the opportunity to work with Action Together to create positive social change, challenge social in justice and harness social benefit; which will help to strengthen the incredible voluntary, community, faith, and social enterprise sector that already exists here in Oldham.

My hopes for Oldham are:

I hope to enable our networks and the Local Motion core group to develop a long-term vision and funding proposal for social change in Oldham, through testing and learning from new ways of tackling the root causes of injustice.