Lets Talk Oldham

Oldham Council
Published date: 
Wednesday, 11th March 2020

Let’s Talk… Oldham is a conversation Oldham Council want to have with everyone who lives, works or spends time in Oldham. It wants to hear what matters to you about where you live – what’s good, and what could be better.

Talking about Oldham will help Oldham Council understand what’s important to you and your neighbours. It will help it work out what the priorities should be for where you live and for our great town.

Local public services here, and across the country, are changing. It wants to work closely with local people and communities, so that together, we can all get the best for our area.

Get involved and tell Oldham Council what you think. Help it shape a future Oldham that we can all be proud of. Click here to have your say. Closes 19 March 2020