Let’s End Hate Crime 2021

Through Action Together on behalf of Oldham Borough Council, The Community Safety and Cohesion Partnership Board (the Partnership) made funds available in 2021 to support projects across the Oldham Borough that promote awareness of hate crime and how to report it.

We are delighted to announce that we were able to fund 4 groups distributing £4,000 to voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups across Oldham, delivering one or two of the priorities listed below.

  • Organisations engaged local people beyond their existing membership networks:
  • Held an awareness raising activity or public event during the Oldham Borough’s Hate Crime Awareness Week 2021 taking place 1-7th February 2021 that helped become the catalyst for further conversations
  • Delivered a longer-term project to help local people find out more about hate crime. This was launched during Hate Crime Awareness Week and will completed by December 2021
  • Helped to change/challenge the behaviours, narratives and perceptions of Hate Crime
  • Highlighted the support of third-party reporting centres and encouraging more victims to report hate crimes to either the Police or third-party reporting centres across the Borough

Projects funded

Organisation Amount awarded Project description
Future Directions £1,000 They are a social care provider that provides support to people with learning disabilities and complex needs. SPICE is a group of people with learning disabilities and autistic people who come together to provide training, breakdown stereotypes, and speak out and have a voice about issues that are important to them.
Oldham Boxing Club £1,000 They proposed to hold a three-day session dedicated to hate crime. The programme will be educational, exciting and innovative, it will involve a number of approaches to enable motivation and will involve a mix of workshops and personal experiences (ex-gang members).
Pennine Mencap £1,000

Their Disability Hate Crime Advocates project ran a four week fully interactive online course for up to 20 participants with learning disabilities, autism and/or other complex needs.

Syngesis CIC £1,000

The project delivered towards Lets End Hate Crime and GM Hate Crime Plan priorities and mirrored the four key themes: Raising overall awareness, Increasing Reporting, Supporting victims and Prevention.