Improving Energy Efficiency In Communities project

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Published date: 
Thursday, 29th August 2019

NEA the national energy efficiency and fuel poverty charity is offering a limited number of FREE half-day basic training sessions. Courses are for frontline practitioners in the statutory or voluntary/ community sectors who work directly with households in or at risk of fuel poverty who are struggling to manage their energy use and/or keep their homes warm. 

Courses will be of interest to anyone working in an advice/ support capacity with individuals on a low income/ benefits, the long-term unemployed, older people, those living with a disability or a long-term limiting illness, carers, families with children/ disabled children/ mums-to-be and/or any other ‘vulnerable’ household.   These courses include:

  • Introduction to domestic energy efficiency

This course aims to make trainees aware of how householders may be able to use their energy more efficiently and reduce possible waste whilst still maintaining a warm and comfortable home

  • Identifying vulnerable situations and fuel poverty

This course aims to make delegates aware of the definitions of vulnerability used in the energy sector and how to identify those who are at risk of finding themselves in vulnerable situations.  It will also explain fuel poverty, how to identify those at risk and the health impacts of living in a cold home.

  • Changing energy-related behaviour and fuel poverty

The course aims to improve awareness of some of the latest theories and findings about how individuals make decisions about their energy use, focusing specifically on simple practical things frontline workers can do to encourage people to act on the energy-related advice they receive.

  • Tacklingfuel poverty and fuel debt in the private-rented sector

This course aims to help delegates understand the causes and impacts of fuel poverty and fuel debt; regulations affecting the energy efficiency of homes in the private-rented sector; and signposting paths for landlords and tenants to access grants and assistance.

  • Smart meters for communities

The course aims to explain how smart meters work and their potential benefits for households.  It will also examine issues householders face when using with smart meter technology.

Click here to view course outlines available.