Hack needs your help!

Tools stored on a wall
Published date: 
Friday, 29th July 2022

Hack is at a crossroads and they need your help in determining which direction they go.

We know that there are many creative people or people who want to try new things in the Oldham borough and Hack's dream is to have their own space that belongs to everyone. Where members can work (together or alone), create, inspire, socialise, be a community who ‘do’ rather than just chat ….

Hack have a lot of tools, woodworking, electronics, laser cutter, arts and craft, sewing machines etc.  What they don’t have is enough people to take us that next step. 

They are looking for new members.  Members who are willing to get their hands dirty by either becoming directors of the space or helping out on sub-committees to support the running of different areas of the space.

Currently Hack are meeting in a council owned building, they want to move but that can only happen if enough people  get together and plan the next move. 

If you are interested call in to 38-44 Yorkshire Street (the old walkabout bar) send a message via facebook or call the old fashioned way on their landline 0161 627 2539.