Grants for families financially affected by coronavirus - Fashion and Textile Children’s Trust (UK)

Aims/priorities: These grants can help parents and carers who have worked (paid) in the UK fashion or textile industry for at least a year within the last nine years and whose household income has reduced as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The grants typically help families who are already struggling financially (in arrears on household bills or have debt) OR have limited savings to cover lost earnings.

They encourage parents and carers to apply for items their children will need for the year ahead which now can't be bought due to lost wages including: 

  • Essential clothing, e.g. seasonal clothing and school uniform and PE kit to get you ahead for September
  • Baby clothing, equipment or bedding 
  • Children's bedroom furniture, e.g. beds, bedding, clothes storage furniture (chest of drawers)
  • Essential White Goods, e.g. replacing a broken appliance such as fridge/freezer, washing machine, cooker/oven.
  • Specialist items for children with additional needs, e.g.sensory toys, adaptive clothing or SEN adapted computers 

Depending on the situation, they also offer a number of grants programmes such as:

Rehousing grants
Kinship carers grants
Therapy grants
Specialist equipment grants
Grants for when a parent is ill 

Application process: If you would like further information about their grants or to apply for funding for any of the items listed above, the first step is to complete an online enquiry form.

Contact Information: If you have any queries, please call Anna on 07753 605367.

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