Grants Awarded - Tameside Community Wellbeing

Grants Awarded Tameside Community Wellbeing
Published date: 
Tuesday, 22nd December 2020

Updated 22 December 2020

Pre Covid-19 Tameside Community Wellbeing    Social Infrastructure Fund  

Tameside Community Wellbeing Microgrants

At Action Together we recognise community action is taking place across Tameside, and we want to encourage and support this action.  

Pre Covid-19 Tameside Community Wellbeing funded the following groups:


Activity Funded


Contact Details

Community Revival UK Ltd

The “Well Being Engagement” project for 40 Black and Minority Ethnic 19 plus who are unemployed and hard to reach (includes asylum seekers and refugees). Well Being Engagement is to respond to Covid-19 impact on lives of residents such as isolation and loneliness. Due to constraints of social distancing and self-isolation classes will be offered online.


Shahbaz Ahmed

Infinity Initiatives

Migrant Support Work-key worker support and continue to support remotely over the phone or by video conference. A team of volunteers have been recruited who are making additional welfare calls. These volunteers have been specially selected as they speak more than one language and so they are able to not just assess the basic needs of the client are met but also support emotionally. They are also delivering food to many of these clients on a weekly basis. During Covid-19 lockdown it is delivering to homes and to other venues in Tameside who are also supporting this cohort. 


Gemma Whittaker

Dipak Dristi 

A development worker who will be able to support the group’s current activities, target and develop funding opportunities for the group especially during Covid-19. The role will enable the group to identify funding which meet Dipak Dristi charity’s objectives, ensure the sustainability and development of the group and the role of an outreach worker which will establish the activities its members want in response to community needs and wishes. They will have a particular focus on supporting individuals who are vulnerable to overcome the barriers they face around Covid-19. 


Champaben Mistry

Emmaus Mossley

Emmaus Community Garden - creating a time to reflect and reset the mind, helping to improve mental health. A place to connect with nature, companions and volunteers will be encouraged to take ownership of this space building confidence and skills through regular maintenance and therapeutic planting workshops. Several companions have already engaged in clearing the area in preparation. 


Gillian Nettleton

Gorse Hall Primary School

Involving older members of its community into the school grounds to participate in outdoor gardening activities in a specially designed area to reduce their social isolation, keep them active and keep them informed of other local support available.




Janet Sculthorp


To help local men 18+ find safe and confidential spaces to talk post-Covid-19 via a weekly zoom support group - free from judgment and advice all in the confront of their own home. 


Andrew Walker

Friends of Egmont Street

This group is inclusive and encourage the locals to join in activities that promote/upkeep the use of the park. Having created gardens and picnic areas in the park, it has broadened the use of people visiting and enjoying the health benefits of the local greenspace. For the last few years, the wildlife and fruit gardens have been a magical experience for local families. The group want to extend that by building a vegetable plot, with raised planters, that can be accessed by all members of the local community, including wheelchair users and older people.


Lesley Arnold

Social Infrastructure Fund (groups could apply for up to £25,000) funded the following groups:


Activity Funded


Contact Details

Lindley Educational Trust

The Reconnecting Outdoors project will target three groups of people from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community. It will run family activity retreats that will give families quality time together and encourage them to mix and enjoy the company of other families whilst undertaking structured outdoor activities. The project will be delivered in St Peter's Ward and West End of Ashton-under-Lyne.


Mark Williams

Ashton United in the Community

This group will seek to tackle Holiday Hunger in Smallshaw, Hurst, Hazelhurst, Broadoak, and district. It will also continue work with Smallshaw Community Action Group and local people to identify and deliver solutions to emerging need following Covid-19, e.g. reducing isolation and loneliness, encouraging work readiness through volunteering, confidence building, healthy pastimes, sports engagement.


Steve Hobson

Home-Start Oldham, Stockport & Tameside

To support parents in order to reduce anxiety and depression, reduce isolation and to reassure them they are not alone in finding it hard to cope during Covid-19.



Sarah Cook

West African Development

To develop the groups infrastructure through resources, allowing them to setup and re-engage with communities digitally to ensure they remain connected and are able to receive the activities it has provided post-Covid-19. 


Alade Sanni

Reuben's Retreat

A new initiative called 'Me time' which is a one to one support zoom meeting for parents of children with complex needs and disabilities.


Stacey Kirkpatrick

Cascade Baby Bundles

The group will provide clothing and equipment for babies and children with families experiencing financial hardship and, by doing so, help relieve some of the stress of their parents and/or carers.



Sue Mitchell

Liberty Farm

A rolling three-week programme of outdoor activities. Each activity will be provided for three weeks at a time so that there is always a new programme about to start for people to book onto, and so that people are encouraged to try a new activity without being intimidated by a lengthy commitment.


Emma Nock

Reach Church

Working in partnership with the GP practices to provide 'Green Prescription' solutions to poor mental health. They would provide a space, the tools and teamwork to make projects accessible on site for all regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, or financial standing. The project will be delivered in the outdoor space at Reach Church, Millbrook, Stalybridge.



Andy Chadwick


This group will expand and develop its currently funded ‘Gather Project’ that works with 25 neurodivergent young people aged 16-25 in the Tameside, which concludes in February 2020. This Project will provide 90 ‘Wellbeing Workshops’ (45 half days) for a further 30 neurodivergent young people aged 13-17 and 18-25. Working in Covid-19 secure bubbles of 15 and led by professionals.



Katie Charlton

Tameside Community Wellbeing Microgrants

The Community Wellbeing Alliance aims to bring together people who live in Tameside with people who deliver services here. It will act as a central point for people to learn from each other. We will develop and share a simple message to champion the role people have in their own health and wellbeing. Click here to find out more. 

Groups could apply for up to £1,000 - funded groups: 


Activity Funded


Contact Details

St Peter's Partnership

Delivering fresh produce its allotments to participants of the Bloom Project, which is targeted to adults with learning difficulties and/or mental health issues. The weekly fresh food packs will be accompanied by a simple healthy recipe and subsidised with a small amount of ‘store cupboard ingredients’ to ensure that everything is available to create the recipe.  


Lesley Ellis

St Paul’s Church, Stalybridge

Sending each person a mini hessian bag packed with some high quality products like shower gel, chocolates, biscuits, some socks, homemade jam, scones, some fruit, hand sanitiser and a card from them letting them know that they are still there and thinking of them. Some of the products it will provide themselves.


Rev K E Handley

Denton West End Library

Creating special themed packs going forward, to ensure that all children in our local community get the opportunity to take part in making and creating!


Ian Wilson