Fullwood Rangers

The Rangers Association has been around for about 40 years and has a nature reserve on the edge of Sholver. This youth based organisation works with local residents to involve them in caring for the environment. Action Together helped support the group with an Action Oldham Fund grant to develop an apiary and train people in the art of bee-keeping.  

The bee apiary can encourage learning, confidence and a feeling of community. The apiary will be close to flat terrain so wheelchairs users can also get involved to the full.  The Rangers have already seen that the bees can provide an interesting and relaxing scene for one disabled member who loves to watch them from his wheelchair. The grant will help the site to become even more of an asset for local schools and the community.  

Colin Howarth, a volunteer with the Fullwood Rangers said "Without the funding we would not be able to develop this project and see the bees thrive. We will be able to increase the number of hives  and the community will gain greater benefits from seeing the activity of the bees first hand.” 

The group have agreed to donate surplus vegetables from the garden to local soup kitchens and will donate some local honey for Action Oldham Fund to sell at fundraising events.