Do you know a woman who is currently not working, who has heaps of potential?

Published date: 
Monday, 16th December 2019

We are running our ‘Time to Grow’ programme from January 2020 – July 2020 to support women who would like to explore different pathways back to work whilst make a difference in their community. We’re looking for 25 women, currently unemployed from across Greater Manchester to go on a journey of self-discovery.

We’re looking for women who are perhaps…..
▼ volunteering their socks off but now looking to put
those skills to use as an employee
▼ taking a career break but thinking about what they might do next
▼ juggling life, family commitments or a series of setbacks but want to create some time for themselves
▼ struggling to find the right employment that fits around their lifestyle needs

What is on offer and what is the time commitment?
We have designed the course to be flexible and meet different women’s needs, interests and availability…..
There is a 2 day event to kick things off in January and help the women who join the programme start to reflect on their wants, needs and opportunities – time to consider where their ‘Next Chapter’ might lead.

Some women might go down the enterprise development pathway, which involves a half day session once a month Feb – July.
Some women might go down the career coaching and support pathway which involves a couple of support sessions and some one to one telephone/email support.
Some women might want to take up the opportunity of getting involved in some work shadowing/ volunteering or mentoring opportunities. These will be brokered on a needs led basis and fit around the placement host/ mentor and the women joining the programme.
Some women might want to access some free counselling support being offered by our intern in the last year of her counselling
Basically no one size fits all, we’ve a pick and mix of opportunities – we will work around people’s
needs, however we expect women to be in a place where they want to develop themselves, improve
their prospects and create the time to make the change they see needed.

What is the cost?
The course is totally FREE, funded by the WEA through European funding. Women who join the programme will be expected to cover the cost of their travel expenses to attend, however we have some discretionary resources to help women access and attend work placements. We will be running this at central Manchester venues, easy to access via public transport. Examples of who we are working with and who this might benefit…..

We are looking for any women who are currently classed as unemployed aged 18+ – 80+