Developing a community first mindset

Greater Manchester Systems Changers
Published date: 
Friday, 18th June 2021

Inviting all Greater Manchester Change Makers to co-design a ‘programme with a difference’.

Lankelly Chase (LC) has been working closely with various groups across Greater Manchester for several years now exploring the question ‘How do we change the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage in Greater Manchester?’

More recently a small group of people from Greater Manchester and Lankelly Chase have come together to design the GM Spaces Fund, which is now funding 39 spaces led by women and/or young people in communities across Greater Manchester.

What are we ‘planning’ to do? 

This work by its very nature is emergent, however there are number of elements that we know need to be part of this work from the insights we have already: 

  • Co-creation space - a space to understand those that have stepped forward to be part of this work and other key influencers to listen, learn and co-create a series of intentional spaces. We held the co-design spaces in April and on the following page we have shared the principles that the group came up with that will guide the way we work together (three will continue to be developed during the programme). 
  • Four learning and action spaces - these will be intentional learning and rehearsal spaces for change makers to come together and explore using a range of approaches brought by the facilitation team and change makers. These spaces will run from June to September.
  • A shared learning event with Spaces Fund Participants and other Lankelly Chase supported work in Greater Manchester - This will be held later in the year and will be the first intentional opportunity to bring together both groups to share their learning so far and shape the next phase together.

Find out more by downloading the developing a community mindset document.