Deafblind Awareness Week - 27 June - 3 July

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Published date: 
Friday, 18th June 2021

Deafblind Awareness Week takes place from 27 June - 3 July.

Deafblindness is far more common than many people realise... around 400,000 people are affected by sight and hearing loss in the UK. That’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium nearly five times!

It affects everyone differently, some might need to adjust the settings on their TV or turn up the volume on the phone, and others might need assistance dogs, canes and more formal care.

But for anyone affected, everyday activities can be difficult and time consuming. Imagine trying to book a doctor’s appointment, meet a friend for coffee, or even make dinner if you can’t see or hear very well.

To find out how you can get involved, and discover videos, graphics and posters which are available to download and share! Visit the Deafblink UK website.