Coronavirus (COVID-19) Food Charities Grant Fund

Published date: 
Tuesday, 12th May 2020

Aims/Priorities: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Food Charities Grant Fund is providing grants  to front-line food charities who:

  • Are unable to meet an increased demand for food from vulnerable individuals or supporting charities.
  • Have the capacity to distribute all of the food purchased under this grant by 9 August 2020.

The funding is to be used to provide for people:

  • Who are unable to afford food.
  • Who have moved into temporary accommodation as a result of COVID-19, for example those who have left home due to domestic abuse, newly released prisoners, or the newly homeless.

Who can apply? Front-line food aid charities

Grant amount: Between £30,000 and £100,000

Application process: Application is through the eSourcing portal on the funders website

Deadline: 6 July 2020 (12 noon).

Contact information: