• Being There - Transport to hospital appointments and medical treatment

    Being There has a small team of volunteer drivers who can take people with life limiting illnesses to hospital appointments, medical treatment and to our support groups. As well as driving, they are trained to listen and respond in an understanding and empathic way. We try to provide transport to those who need it but we may not always have volunteers available so we need as much notice as possible of any appointment. Please note that we are not an emergency service. Cost: Free - Suggested donation of £5 towards transport costs

    Contact for further details: Suzanne Roberts - Branch Manager
    Contact phone number: 0161 711 0643

    Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Frequency: Weekly
    Cost: Free

    Professional Referral: Yes
    Self Referral: Yes
    Accessible for disabled people: Yes
    Accessible for people with language needs: Yes

    About the host organisation

    Hosted by: Being There Tameside and Glossop
    Organisation Profile:

    Being There supports people with cancer and other life limiting illnesses (such as strokes, heart and respiratory disease), their carers and families.
    Being There recruits and trains local volunteers managed by a locally placed member of staff.
    Services include one-to-one emotional support, transport support for hospital appointments and group support.

    Charity Number: 1016053