• Middleton Men's Shed and Ladies Workshop

    The Men's Shed and Ladies workshop is a practical project aimed at supporting both men and women in different ways. For the men the group meets on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and they get together to carry out practical tasks and to talk about their lives in a supportive way. For the women the group meets on a Tuesday and Thursday where they can learn about practical skills and do practical projects similar to the men's group.

    Contact for further details: Pam Semp
    Contact phone number: 0161 643 1163

    Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 2pm-4pm for men Tuesday, Thursdau - 2pm-4pm for women
    Frequency: Weekly
    Cost: £1 - £3

    Professional Referral: No
    Self Referral: Yes
    Accessible for disabled people:
    Accessible for people with language needs:

    About the host organisation

    Hosted by: The Lighthouse Project
    Organisation Profile:

    Inspire Middleton is a local community development charity set up to welcome and support people so that they achieve. One of our charitable objects is to run a community support centre, which is the Lighthouse Project, and from this community hub we run and operate lots of other projects and activities set up to train, equip and support local people so that they can advance in their lives and situations.

    Charity Number: 1126093