‘CLUBNIGHT’ by Life You Choose and it’s Members

Matt Berry house DJ for Life You Choose
Published date: 
Thursday, 7th December 2017

Life You Choose is a community interest company based in Glossop in the High Peak, Derbyshire. It provides support to adults with learning difficulties so they are able to participate in arts and multimedia based projects aimed at improving quality of life. 

The latest project from Life You Choose was set up to meet the aspiration of one of its members, Matt Berry, who wants to be a DJ. He really enjoys music and has a huge collection on some of his electronic devices. As he has the ability to operate such modern devices Life You Choose realised it could provide training and teach him how to operate the latest DJ equipment.

Ken trained Matt in both the hardware and the software used by modern DJ’s in nightclubs. Matt learned about mixing, effects and entertaining your audience. It took around three weeks before Matt felt ready. He created his set list and organised it to create a good flow and atmosphere. He tested his ‘set’ out on the other members of Life You Choose and the feedback was very encouraging for him. All its members were very excited about this project and supported it fully, handing out tickets to their friends and family, sticking up posters, and spreading the word everywhere. There was a real buzz building.

Whilst Matt was learning his new craft, Nicola organised the venue, promotion and ticketing.

Nicola contacted Club HQ, a nightclub in Glossop. The owner, James Booth, kindly agreed to let the organisation have complete access and exclusive use of the club for free. Nicola then set up the event and focused the marketing towards other organisations and groups that provide services to people with learning difficulties to invite them to get involved.

The clubnight provided an environment that was less intimidating for a person with a learning difficulty, especially for the many that had never experienced a real nightclub before. Thanks to the venue being provided free Life You Choose could hand out tickets for free entry. The organisation aims to do this every time, the only thing entrants need money for is their drinks.

Life You Choose had a good crowd of around 60 people. The night went extremely well, Matt felt and acted like a superstar DJ and later said:

I think a lot of people enjoyed my DJ'ing finesse and all in all it was an ace night. When can I do the next one?

Other feedback from clubbers, guests and carers was very positive. One parent described our event as ‘forward thinking’, ‘unique’ and ‘modern’. 

Life You Choose Members feedback included; Adam ‘I loved the Dance Battles’, John ‘Awesome night! Can’t wait for the next one’, Katie ‘Loved the banging tunes’, Paul ‘Great to hang out with my friends’.

Club owner, James Booth added:

We are very proud to be asked to help facilitate an incredibly worthwhile concept, with such an admirable organisation as Life You Choose, and look forward to collaborating on many more events in the future.

Due to the success of ‘Clubnight’ Life You Choose arranged another for 21 August 2017, appropriately named Clubnight II. The organisation managed to get an increased attendance of around 100, which was fantastic. Matt Berry was again house Dj and included a repertoire of new music but included dance music covering 60s to present day, feedback regarding the music was very positive.

We hold ‘Clubnight’ events quarterly, the next is Clubnight III and will be on Monday 11 December 2017, again 7-10pm and free entry. To set the atmosphere the group also have free 'Glow Sticks' and have a facepainter coming along with 'Glow in the Dark' paints. Facepainting prices ranging between £1, £2 and £3 for anything really elaborate.

Life You Choose would especially like to thank James of Club HQ and all the staff that volunteered their services for free at both the Clubnights.

Details of our next event and some useful links regarding ‘CLUBNIGHT III’ are below.

CLUBNIGHT III – Monday 11 December 2017 - 7pm to 10pm

Club HQ 3-5 High Street East, Glossop.

Free entry to all.

Email: lifeyouchoose@hotmail.com

Life you choose website: www.lifeyouchoose.org

Life you choose Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifeyouchoose/  

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/518659741810808/

Club HQ website: www.clubhq.co.uk

Club HQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clubhq/