Closed for applications - Rochdale Community Respond, Repair and Recover Fund

**Closed for applications**



We recognise that community action continues to take place across the Borough in response to the pandemic.  We value voluntary, community, faith-based and social enterprise sector organisations, mutual aid groups and individuals supporting communities through their action. We want to encourage and support this action. 


We recognise the damage caused by the pandemic and have witnessed how the pandemic has deepened inequalities.  We want to be part of repairing the damage to communities by supporting the voluntary community faith and social enterprise sector.


We recognise that the world has changed and that the voluntary community faith and social enterprise sector offer needs to flex to meet new needs and adapt to enrich and support communities in new ways.  We want to help create the better future that communities deserve.


We welcome applications which address inequalities, support, enrich and develop communities. We are interested in applications which have priorities connected to:

  • Food, particularly social eating projects
  • Projects to support healthy activity 
  • Practical support and help in the community
  • Digital projects and services - Read more about the Rochdale Borough Council digital services HERE
  • Projects to address inequalities
  • Economic support projects and services
  • Communications to and with diverse cohorts of people
  • Advice projects and services that help individuals
  • Creative or learning projects which enrich communities, families or individuals lives
  • Emotional wellbeing, support and therapeutic projects - Read more about mental health transformation happening in the Rochdale borough HERE
  • Practical reopening costs
  • ‘Care Packages’ of essentials  to help people and families (including hygiene products, cleaning products, and items to help keep people well, warm and healthy items)
  • Projects responding to the climate emergency - Read more about the Rochdale Borough Council climate strategy HERE
  • Recovery Projects - Find out more about Rochdale Borough Council Bounce Back project HERE
  • Moving More in Everyday Life  - Read more about You Trusts Local Pilot Community Development Grants HERE
  • Support the Supporter - Invest in training, self-care or coaching/reflection time for your team and volunteers.

Grant applicants will be offered development and partnership support and will be connected to our thematic collaboration networks.  We can also help if you need volunteers or volunteer support.  This support is offered whether or not you are successful with your funding application.

Amount: You can apply for a grant for either:

  • Up to £200 (for individuals with a great community idea)
  • Up to £5,000

Who can apply? Groups and organisations from the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector. Mutual Aid groups (informal groups of neighbours or friends or people united around a cause, working together to help and be supported by their community) Individuals supporting communities.

If you have previously received an Action Together, Community Response Fund grant or Places of Worship and Multipurpose Community Venues reopening fund or Care Packages fund you CAN also apply for this fund. Please not we will only accept applications from organisations who have completed monitoring for previous funds received.  If you have any queries about monitoring please email

How to apply

To apply for up to £200, please complete this application form.

To apply for up to £5,000, please complete this application form.

Please click here to see the Guidance Notes.

Please send all completed application forms to

If your application involves bringing people together then we require you to submit a Covid Risk Assessment. For further support and guidance to complete your Covid Risk Assessment, please click here.

We aim for funding decisions to be made within six weeks.


£1000.01 to £10,000
Temporarily Closed
Constituted Group
Partnerships and Consortiums
Registered Charity
Social Enterprise
Funding Theme: 
Covid 19
Unpublish Date: 
Monday, 31 October, 2022