Rochdale Borough - Equalities Assembly

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Over the last 3 months, we have seen the impact of inequality and the deepening of divides.  We have also see great kindness, mutuality and community support.  The worst in society and the best in people.  Action Together have refocused our priorities, a key focus is Inequality and Social Justice – for all protected Characteristics and especially BAME, disability and low income groups.


We would like to invite you to this event to discuss, learn from each other and take action on inequalities in the Rochdale Borough.  This event brings together the doers and advocates for equality with people who experience inequality and those who support people who experience disadvantage.  We will explore themes arising from the grassroots of our communities along with insight and intelligence from partners and the latest data.

Inequality and injustice will not be eradicated unless we design it out and keep working on solutions and taking action for those experiencing hardship now. We must help to develop a new economic model that can help to address inequality and poverty. We hope the first Equalities Assembly in Rochdale borough, will begin this vital conversation

Zoom Meeting ID: 961 1511 3632 
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3rd July, 2020 9:30 AM through  1:30 PM
Phone: 0161 339 2345
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