The Charity Service Grant Fund

Aims/priorities: The Grant Fund is provided and administered by the Charity Service, a registered charity supporting third sector organisations in Greater Manchester. They welcome applications for all charitable purposes however they wish to focus our support on  4 priorities – emergency support for vulnerable families & children, reducing social isolation, preventing homelessness and improving access to employment. 

  • Grants are available to assist with the purchase or supply of amenities, activities or equipment to improve general welfare of the local community or individuals.
  • New project costs, including staff costs for a specific period, may be considered.
  • Applications from an organisation that has received grant funding from The Charity Service previously will be considered but they must NOT be for the same purpose.
  • Applications to cover core costs and/or general running costs will NOT be considered.
  • We would NOT normally fund an organisation that has been constituted or registered for less than 3 years.
  • Applications for funding MUST be approved before any activity or purchase takes place. Cost will NOT be reimbursed.

Who can apply? Applications for grant funding are invited from registered charities, CICs and voluntary organisations who work with disadvantaged communities and/or people living within the Greater Manchester area.

Grant amount: Their average grant award is £1,000. In exceptional circumstances larger grants, up to a maximum of £3,000, may be considered.

Application process: Grant applications will be considered as quickly as possible once a fully completed application has been received. As part of the application process due diligence checks will be completed on all organisations prior to an application being considered. Our average grant award is £1000 and applications in excess of this will be considered by our Trustees at Grant Committee meetings held approximately every two months. To complete an application form please go to the funders website.

Deadline:  Applications can be submitted at any time.

Contact Information:  Tel  0793 691 7679, Email

Website address:  The Charity Service Grant Fund​ – The Charity Service=

up to £1000
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