Celebrating 200 applications to the Rochdale Respond, Repair and Recover Fund

We're delighted to announce we have now received 200 applications for our Rochdale Respond Repair and Recover fund since launching in March 2021! That includes a massive 29 applications in March 2022 alone.

The fund aims to support voluntary and community organisations to build back from the impacts of the Covid pandemic. We've been lucky to see so much great work happening across the Borough, and to be part of making it possible is absolutely brilliant.

The majority of applications we have received have been heavily focused around food support, which is unfortunately no surprise. This may be partly as a result of the increased cost of living, increases in fuel prices, and cutbacks to universal credit. Applications for food projects have been closely followed by projects to support healthy activity, practical support and help in the community, and emotional wellbeing, support and therapeutic projects.

The fund is open for applications, and we want to work with even more organisations across Rochdale Borough! Grants of up to £200 are available for individuals with a great community idea, or up to £5,000 for groups and organisations from the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector. We aim to make funding decisions within four weeks of your application.

Some of the groups we've funded

Army of Kindness have provided a lot of support around food, with weekly hot meals to the homeless and vulnerable. They have relied on volunteers and donations to provide dry and cooked meals to up to 100 people per week.

The Respond, Repair, and Recover funding is supporting Army of Kindness in buying food, ingredients, and managing food delivery across the borough. They are tackling food poverty and mental health challenges, and have developed their volunteers to identify any safeguarding issues with the people they support. As well as the food, it's an opportunity to spend quality time with people who may be isolated, listen to how their week has been, and offer a sense of belonging and connection. Army of Kindness also often support the carers of their beneficiaries with hot meals.

All applicants to the Respond, Repair, Recover fund are connected with Action Together's local thematic networks, such as our Food Solutions Network which brings together voluntary organisations, community groups and local services working in food support to share knowledge and work together to address the root causes of food inequality.

"Action Together have been instrumental in their support for our Soup Kitchen by enabling these hot food meals to be provided in Rochdale and beyond. We have supported homeless and refugee families and mainstream provisions within Rochdale too. We are grateful for your support, you have been a lifeline to many this past year."

Along with supporting adult carers throughout the pandemic, Carers Hub Rochdale have provided vital support to young carers aged 5-17. These young people have such big responsibilities and being able to meet and share their experiences is really important for their wellbeing.

During lockdown, the young carers could only meet online and missed in-person meet ups. Carers Hub have now restarted their face-to-face activities, but many of the young carers were unable to attend - often due to access to or cost of transport. Carers Hub applied for a grant from the Respond, Repair, Recover fund, and their successfuly application means they have funding to help the young carers come together and meet in-person again.

HMR Circle applied to the fund to enhance and diversify their food offer. They wanted to increase their Dinner Drivers (Meals-on-Wheels) service, as well as their Lunch Club-Clubs and Full Circle (meals and other food events in independent living).

The funding has also helped them engage more people in learning food preparation and in volunteering, either through acquiring new skills or assisting in other ways such as with the distribution of meals through the Dinner Drivers project.

One of their volunteers, Anna, began volunteering with Dinner Drivers after losing her job during the pandemic. From having no prior experience working in a kitchen before joining HMR Circle, Anna is now working at local restaurant Bombay Brew. This is a brilliant example of how voluntary organisations can benefit both the people they support and the people who volunteer with them. Find out more about Anna in In Your Area.

The Respond, Repair and Recover fund has enabled voluntary organisations across Rochdale Borough to provide services and projects for people who would otherwise be missed. The fund aims to help residents feel they have the support available that they need and they're not just a number on paper. By supporting voluntary groups, local people can look to them with confidence and trust, knowing they can get the help and support they need without restrictions.

We can help you find the funding you need. Speak to one of our team to find out about Respond, Repair and Recover and other funding sources available: