Bringing People Together - National Lottery Community Fund

Aims/priorities: The Bringing People Together funding can support projects that will build stronger connections across communities, and improve the infrastructure and conditions that are needed to strengthen these connections. They are interested in:

  • bold and experimental responses to bringing people together using new, or new combinations of approaches
  • new projects or projects that build on existing work
  • a range of projects reflecting a mix of communities and places from across the UK.

They recognise that most community-led projects will bring communities together in some way. However, in this programme they’re particularly interested in projects that focus on one or more of the following priorities:

  • builds connections across communities, not just within existing communities. We’re looking for projects that can foster a positive sense of belonging by reducing divisive ‘us and them’ attitudes
  • supports and explores what’s needed to connect communities and enables stronger collaboration to bring people together and keep people together - community infrastructure like networks, shared resources or coordinated approaches, or supporting infrastructure organisations that support the work of other groups
  • focuses on creating longer-term change. This could mean a focus on improving the conditions available to communities to help create this change instead of only delivering services or a series of public events
  • explores what best practice and new approaches to bringing people together look like since the outbreak of COVID-19
  • brings people together around climate action in communities
  • builds collective action and strengthen communities’ own abilities to have control, influence and agency on the things that matter most to them (collective efficacy). For example, activity that has a focus on strengthening civic participation or civic power by providing opportunities to bring people together from across different communities for collective action in new and interesting ways.

All projects will need to:

  • have a clear equality, diversity and inclusion focus
  • deliver across at least two countries in the UK
  • demonstrate they can learn and adapt as they go.

They’re also interested in bold and experimental responses to bringing people together using new, or new combinations of approaches. They can support new projects or projects that build on existing work. They expect to make up to 20 awards in 2021 to 2022, and will have to make difficult decisions about what they’re able to fund. 

Who can apply? Voluntary and Community Organisations

Grant amount: Up to £300,000 in total for up to two years

Application process: You can apply via thier online application form. Read through the priorities carefully (as well as the eligibility checker in the application form) to see if this programme’s right for your proposal. At application stage, they’re interested in hearing about your ideas and plans, rather than a detailed project description. 

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact information: Email

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over £25,000
Charitable Company
Constituted Group
Partnerships and Consortiums
Registered Charity
Social Enterprise
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