Back to School in Oldham

School back pack and stationery
Published date: 
Thursday, 26th August 2021

Are you ready for your child’s return to school?

  • Do you know when they go back?
  • Are you prepared?
  • Does your child have a school place for September?

Oldham’s schools are doing everything they can to make sure things return to normal while making sure that our children and young people are as safe as possible.

Do you know when your child goes back?

This varies from school to school. For the most accurate information, visit the school’s website.

Are you prepared?

It’s a busy time getting your child or young person ready to return to school after the summer break.

It can also be quite a costly time too, so here’s some useful information for anyone needing a little extra help:

Uniforms – if you contact your child’s school, they may be able to help with uniforms. Most schools hold a stock of good condition second-hand school uniform items.

School meals – You may be entitled to free school meals if your child attends a local authority-maintained school (not private). Check to see if you are eligible:  

Benefits – Below are some useful links to check if you are entitled to any financial support and/or benefits:

Oldham Council’s Welfare rights Service is also available to assist with any benefit issues.

Give your child the best possible chance to succeed in life – get them back in the classroom.