Art in the Community - Robin Estill Fund

The Robin Estill Fund has been established to promote the general wellbeing and therapeutic benefits of the arts in relation to supporting people with mental health, autism, and or learning disability needs who live in Tameside. The fund was managed and administered by Action Together. 

Tameside voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) groups, who provide support to Tameside people with mental health difficulties, a learning disability and/or autism which have identified the potential of creative opportunities in music, drama, photography, poetry and literature to support people to make social connections and learn new skills, and Tameside creative arts and crafts based VCFSE groups, who work to improve access and involvement in the arts of those with mental health difficulties, learning disabilities and/or autism, applied for up to £25,000.

See below the groups that have been awarded the fund and the difference it made to the Borough.

Art in the Community - Robin Estill Fund (Tameside) - Projects Funded in 2021

Organisation   Project

Noah’s A.R.T.


An art-based project aims to reach people within Tameside who have suffered loss and may be experiencing mood and self-esteem issues. Defining loss extends to the impact of COVID-19 on health, identity and even sense of safety as well as pet bereavement or loss of family and friends. 


Support eight neurodivergent creatives (aged 18-30) to become champions of neurodiversity inclusion through targeted training, mentoring and co-production sessions. The volunteer champions will then co-produce high-quality, inclusive arts activities with three local neurodivergent artists for 25 neurodivergent young people (aged 14-25) designed to reduce social anxiety and sensory/emotional triggers and improve communication skills. The overall aim of the project is to improve the access and inclusion of neurodivergent individuals in arts across Tameside, and will work towards the T&G LLWMHTP by Neurodiversity Champion Volunteers: developing a network of neurodivergent volunteers who can share experience.

Christ Church Community Centre (4C Community Centre)

  Run over four days/sessions on Wednesdays between 10am-12pm. Each Wednesday an art project will be prepared and co-ordinated by the Potter’s Hand Creative Crafts based within the 4C Community Centre, offering guidance and advice to those taking part and encouraging creativity.

Made by Mortals


Made By Mortals will plan, test and embed/future proof a participatory musical theatre-based service fully aligned with the Living Life Well Programme/Social Prescribing. It will bring diverse people together to build more resilient communities and remove cultural barriers. It will be co-designed by local people with lived experience of health and social challenges together with our partners and will be visible, clearly understood and ‘user friendly’.

The Anthony Seddon Fund


The art/craft/guitar groups would be open to people 18+, with the only requirements being that they live in Tameside and Glossop. The participants will work together to produce pieces of art or music, encouraging those taking part to create ideas and explore those through their work. The craft club in particular would be working together on a project to create a piece of artwork that could be showcased in our Centre (mosaic).

Phantasmagoria CIC   Making Magic in the Maparium’Participants will try out all kinds of artistic techniques suitable for a mix of abilities which they use for purposeful occupation.
Global Grooves  

‘Creative Flow’ - A series of arts courses boosting psychological wellbeing, skills and social connections


The main aim of the project is to provide support for those from the African community that have/or are suffering from mental health issues and developing a platform for people to be able to express their feelings and emotions and to be better informed about the support available on mental health services.The use of African dance and drumming workshops will enable participants to express themselves through the tools of drumming and dance ‘expression without words’ and making this a powerful platform for making wellbeing accessible for those without confidence to voice how they feel to have better control on their lives through feeling connected and have a sense of belonging.  

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