Anti Racism Programme- Expression of Interest deadline extension

Published date: 
Thursday, 5th May 2022

Anti Racism Programme- Expression of Interest deadline extension

Action Together are currently doing some internal learning around the anti-racism agenda, we hope this will improve our understanding, highlight biases and help us improve our processes and practices across the organisation.  This work has already shaped the recruitment process for the new Strategic Locality Lead and we have made the following improvements to our processes. We will:

  • Include a statement in the job ad that we are an equal opportunities employer and encourage applications from communities experiencing racial inequalities, who are currently underrepresented on our team.
  • Offer a point of contact for potential applicants to someone on our staff who experiences racial inequalities to answer questions
  • Guarantee (and state this on the job ad) that people from communities experiencing racial inequalities who meet the minimum requirements for the role will be interviewed
  • Guarantee that every interview panel will include someone (trustee, member or partner) who experiences racial inequalities.

Curating an Anti Racism Programme

In 2020 the national campaign project #CharitySoWhite sparked a conversation on the many ways in which racism operates within the charity sector. We want to address this in Rochdale and have secured a budget to curate a learning programme for the VCFSE sector to reflect on its own practices and processes.  We want this programme to be designed, delivered and led by people of colour, groups who support communities experiencing racial inequality and people who have experienced racism.

We have held an open meeting and listened to ideas around the content of an anti-racism learning programme for the VCFSE sector.  The key themes that emerged were:

  • Need to address white supremacy/whiteness when tackling racism
  • The emotive power and importance of language as a descriptor, enabler and resource
  • The value of individuals with experience and willingness to learn from experience
  • Need to focus on personal learning journeys rather than organisational learning (though many people, learning more, will impact on an org)
  • Potential for this work to influence funders, policies and practices

We then called out for expressions of interest from people who would like to deliver (paid) sessions as part of this programme.  We are extending the deadline for submissions to Monday 30 May 2022.  Please send submissions to Nichelle Cutler