2018 Women’s Cycling funding campaign

Published date: 
Tuesday, 21st November 2017

As part of our 2018 Women’s Cycling campaign, and in support of International Women’s Day, we are offering the opportunity for clubs, groups or organisations, located within Greater Manchester, to apply for funding towards events/activities that will encourage women to cycle and make journeys by bike.

This year we are asking for schemes that are wider than a single event, can take place between January and the end of March, and are aimed at delivering either a series of opportunities or a programme of progression towards making journeys by bike. The events and activities must be aimed at either introducing cycling to beginners or providing an opportunity/support for women to return to cycling or increase confidence to make journeys by bike. This may include off-bike activities that aim to inform, inspire and promote confidence to start cycling.

Each group can only submit one application to apply for a maximum of £2,500.

Deadline 8 December 2017

To request an application form, email: cycling@TfGM.com