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Re-opening your Organisation - Q&A Sessions

Published date: 
Wednesday, 1st July 2020
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Action Together is working closely with other partners to identify best practice guidance for voluntary, community and faith sector groups on reopening premises and restoring services. We will be holding a series of short online information sessions followed by weekly drop in sessions.

Please bring your questions scenarios and ideas! We can’t promise to have all the answers but we will support you to make a safe and realistic plan.

The sessions will be held on the following dates:

Build Back Better - Open Space Webinar

Published date: 
Thursday, 9th July 2020

The GM Social Enterprise Network (GMSEN) are hosting a webinar on Wednesday 15th July, 10.30am-12pm to facilitate discussions on how we 'Build Back Better' and to consider:

'When building back better, how does taking a social economy focus create more resilient communities in Greater Manchester?'

The meeting will use the participant-led Open Space format. It is for anyone with an interest in social enterprise and the broader social economy in Greater Manchester. 

Coronavirus and the social impacts on Great Britain

Published date: 
Wednesday, 8th July 2020
Office for National Statistics

For the first time, ONS survey asked people their ability to pay household bills and to meet any unexpected expenses, compared to before the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

The weekly survey, relating to the period 25 to 28 June, continued to cover regular topics such as personal well-being, the extent to which in work adults are travelling to work and are leaving their homes for various reasons and use of face coverings.

Findings include:

Greater Manchester Women and Girls’ Equality Panel

Published date: 
Wednesday, 8th July 2020
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Greater Manchester is establishing a Women and Girls’ Equality Panel to accelerate gender equality, enabling women and girls to live their best life in Greater Manchester.

The Panel will work to ensure that all women and girls, across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester, have equality of opportunity to start well, live well and age well.

It will establish a clear vision for women and girls in Greater Manchester to understand issues and inequalities impacting on their lives and recognising women and girls’ particular experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ambition for Ageing - Identifying and supporting marginalised communities

Published date: 
Wednesday, 8th July 2020
Ambition for Ageing logo

Ambition for Ageing has launched two new documents outlining an approach to engaging marginalised older people using a spatial model developed during its five years of age-friendly research. The new model considers the size and geographical distribution of different communities as a way of engaging them in group activities. 

Healthwatch Oldham Survey - Covid 19 your Health and Care Experiences

Published date: 
Wednesday, 1st July 2020

In March 2020, it became apparent that the COVID-19 Pandemic would impact all of our lives. From 23 March, a UK wide lockdown was enforced and health and care services were forced to adapt to cope with demand. During this time, we have all had to re-think how we do things and how we access support when and where we need it.

COVID-19 and Children's Food Survey

Published date: 
Wednesday, 1st July 2020
Children's Food Campaign logo

The Children's Food Campaign aims to find out how children's eating habits and preferences have changed during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Coronavirus emergency has thrown up all sorts of new challenges for feeding our children whilst in lockdown. Recent research by the Obesity Health Alliance confirmed that for adults, many have increased the amount of home cooking and the amount of fruit and veg they are eating. However it also showed many adults have been eating more takeaways, savoury snacks, biscuits, cakes and sweets.